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Start your day off right with the best cup of coffee or tea. We have a wide variety of teas and coffees available, along with all the accessories and appliances you'll need to make and enjoy the perfect cup.

Buy Coffee and Tea Accessories Online

Bash has a large selection of tea and coffee accessories if you are searching for something new to enrich your favourite beverage. From simple to sophisticated, classic to modern, our range includes the best brands, allowing you to pick the coffee and tea accessories that best suit your needs.

Types of Coffee and Tea Accessories

Bash is your one-stop shop featuring every tea and coffee appliance you will need to brew or serve the ideal cup. Browse our collection to make your selection.

Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

Mugs and cups are available in distinct characteristics such as size, shape, design, and material. They are classified based on utility — classic mugs or teacups, tumblers, and travel mugs and materials, including ceramic, stainless steel, stoneware, porcelain, and glass.

Milk Frothers

A milk frother is an absolute must-have for anyone who likes lattes and cappuccinos. It is simple to operate, portable and generates a lot of foam. Choose from hand-held milk frothers that whisk air into the milk, steam wands linked to the latte machines, and automatic ones that heat and froth milk at the touch of a button.

Coffee Machines

For coffee enthusiasts, coffee machines are like a first love that you simply can't ignore. These machines can be divided into two categories: manual and automated. The manual ones, like cold-brew, French press, and mocha pots, are not only affordable but also easy to take with you on the go. On the other hand, automated coffee makers such as espresso machines and drip brew machines may be a bit more expensive, but they definitely save you precious time.

Tea Infusers

Tea infusers are used to hold dry leaves and keep loose tea in a mug or teapot while it steeps or boils.


Commonly used to make tea, teapots are timeless, visually pleasing teamakers that come in three varieties. Teapots made of traditional pottery appear both traditional and sophisticated. Stainless steel teapots are ideal for boiling a variety of tea flavours as the flavour can be easily rinsed away. Glass teapots are ideal for loose-leaf teas because they have an infuser built-in that works similarly to a French press.

How Do I Choose Coffee and Tea Accessories

There are a variety of coffee and tea-making accessories to choose from, and you must decide what to purchase based on the following factors:

  • The type of coffee or tea you consume
  • The amount of tea or coffee you will be making
  • Whether the accessories are for personal or business use
  • Make a purchase that suits your budget

Find the Best Coffee and Tea Accessories at Bash

Bash is here to cater to all of your coffee and tea needs. The type of tea or coffee you brew, as well as the product and accessories you use to brew it, are all significant factors when choosing your product. Browse our collection of tea and coffee accessories to see which ones appeal to you the most, and take advantage of free shipping, easy returns, and free click-and-collect from 800+ stores.

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