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Fans for Sale Online

Head over to Bash, where some of the choicest, most stylish fans are available just for you. Our experts will help you choose the best option as we have high-quality fans, including options of different finishes and lights besides remote controls. Some of our fans also include ceiling medallions which add an interesting visual. So whether you are looking for a pedestal fan or a simple fan, we have got you covered.

Feel Light & Breezy with Powerful Fans

On hot summer days, fans become an indispensable essential. Not only are they cost-friendly, but they also provide you with the exact cool and breezy environment you are looking for.

  • If you want to keep your room cool throughout, a ceiling fan is your best bet. You can adjust the speed according to your preference and weather. It also helps in keeping your living room airy.
  • With development on the home and tech front, there are different types of fans available today that help improve the temperature of your room. In addition, you can run a fan regularly, which will keep your home comfortable and breezy.
  • The new feature in ceiling fans can bring extra lighting to your office, and it is beneficial if you have a lot of office furniture. In addition, you can look for ceiling fans with different coloured bulbs to brighten up the space.

Getting the Right Fan for Your Home

As you browse our catalogue to take your pick, knowing about the different types of fans will help you make the right choice for your home.

Air Circulator Personal 360

This fan combines leading DC technology with an airflow which helps in giving the best results. It has both left and right oscillation and a vertical angle which is adjusted manually.

Aqua Breeze 3 Speed Fan

This is a mist fan with five blades and a 3L water tank, as it helps add breeze to a summery day. It comes along with a 75-degree left and right oscillation and up and down tilts adjustment, making it highly user-friendly.

Ventilador Turbina Steel

This fan comes along with a 45 cm radial grille with 3-speed selections that are bound to keep the space cool during scorching heat. The regulating option also makes it suitable for almost all the weather.

Bash – the Best Solution for Long-Lasting Fans

Add fans to your space and make it breezy. Ceiling fans are also better for the environment because you can reduce your reliance on the HVAC system. The fans for sale at Bash offer the best-in-industry picks to make your balmy days super airy and chill. Shop with us to avail convenient shipping, easy returns, and click and collect from 900+ stores.

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