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Get everything you need to hit the gym, from sports bras and sports shoes to sports jackets and a fitness tracker, all under one roof only at Bash. Browse through our curated collection to get some fantastic ensembles under your belt. Our tastefully picked outfits of women’s sports online are sure to have you coming back for more.

Buy Stylish Yet Functional Sportswear for Gym, Pilates, Yoga & More

Gym outfits for women should cater to the specific needs of women to have a comfy, worry-free workout session at the gym or any other intense physical activity.

  • Stock your closet with a variety of tights and jeggings in sweat-wicking, stretchable fabrics. Likewise, lightweight shorts are perfect for sports and running. Pick from a spectrum of colours and have one for all of your hot yoga and Pilates workouts.
  • Loose-fit tank tops and sports T-shirts offer the perfect comfortable fit required to get you through intense workouts. The breathable materials make them ideal for all of your cardio and high-intensity workouts.
  • An absolute must-have, a women’s sports bra with adjustable shoulder straps and a comfortable fit help keep everything in place without crushing your rib cage. Examine a diverse assortment of activewear collections in a variety of colours, styles, sizes, and pricing points.

What Are the Different Types of Women’s Sportswear?

If you are new to women’s sportswear and are unsure where to begin, we have compiled a list of all activewear options below.

  1. Sports bras: To reduce the unwanted bounce and stress on your bust area, you should wear sports bras. They provide maximum support during intense workout sessions and assist in minimising sagginess later on.
  2. Tights: With a narrow-fit, sports tights made from stretchable, sweat-wicking materials allow you to move about more comfortably by eliminating friction.
  3. Gym Shorts: Lightweight, breathable shorts are an excellent choice for hot summer days because they avoid chafing. The combo of cycling shorts and sports shoes is as important as a bat and ball.
  4. Tank Shirts: Tank tops are a must-have alternative for a breezy routine that is versatile enough to go with any bottoms. In addition, the breathable fabric is perfect for when you get all sweaty and need to reduce your body temperature.
  5. Jackets: Often worn for sports or when working out during winters, women’s sports jackets are a terrific addition to your fitness collection. Not only do they keep you warm and covered, but they also add a style statement to your workout ensemble.

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Bash is home to an inclusive range of gym and activewear for women that you must get your hands on. Whether you are looking for shorts, sports bras, or full-length tights, we have got you covered. Take a tour through our tastefully curated collections of women’s sports clothing, shoes, and sports accessories from 100% original brands

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