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What are Revlon Makeup Kit Essentials?

Revlon makeup has products that are a must-have in every makeup kit, and they are both high quality and super affordable. Let us look at the range available on Bash:

Nail Enamels

  • The nail polish range from Revlon features a spectrum of vibrant colours like lustrous red and pink to ethereal pastel hues. You can also choose from top coat gels to lock the colour and get extra shine.


  • Revlon’s lip makeup range includes lip colour, pencil, lip gloss, and lipstick. The paraben-free formula makes the products more appealing.

Eye Makeup

  • Revlon’s eye makeup offers eye primer, eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow palette, and more. Once you use the rebellious high-volume mascara, long-wear waterproof eyeliner, micro-sculpting brow pencil, and intense, versatile eyeshadow palette, there is no turning back.


  • Revlon’s foundation range offers liquid and powder foundations for all skin types, from normal and oily to dry. There is an array of different foundation shades to suit every skin tone for a more natural finish. Revlon also offers powdered blush with a high-quality pigment and a long-stay formula to add the desired rosy tint to your makeup.

How to Create Looks Using Revlon Products

If you’re wondering how to use Revlon’s exquisite products to create elegant look for different occasions, Bash’s experts have the perfect guide for you.

The Simple Makeup Look:

  • If you want to keep things simple, opt for the closest shade of Revlon primer and foundation to achieve an even-toned base.
  • Use a nude or natural pink matte finish Revlon lipstick and put on the mascara to add a captivating touch to your eyes.
  • Finish with a small tinge of colour on the cheeks using Revlon’s blush in a natural pink or coral hue, and you are ready to look like an ethereal beauty every day.

The Dramatic Makeup Look:

  • For a party, put on some Revlon foundation and Revlon concealer to create an even canvas.
  • Use eyeliner in a colour of your choice and line your eyes. For a winged look, pull the liner out of the corner of your upper eyelid.
  • Fill the eyelid with a dramatic-hued eyeshadow and blend the colour nicely.
  • Curl your lashes and use Revlon mascara for extra volume.
  • Keep your lip colour subtle to draw attention to your eyes.

Shop for Revlon’s Premium Range at Bash

Bash brings you a fine selection from the renowned beauty brand Revlon. Our curated collections feature 100% original brands, so you never have to worry about quality. Shop with us, and we will ship your product for free to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can opt for click &Collect from 800+ outlets across South Africa.

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