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At Bash, you get the best toasters on sale from the comfort of your home. Prepare enticing toasts for your loved ones at the drop of a hat with the finest range of toaster machines available online.

Types Of Toasters

Buying kitchen appliances online can be tricky. You need to know all the available options in order to align your purchase with your requirements. Get acquainted with the different types of toasters and hop on to Bash to buy one.

Standard Toaster

Also known as pop-up toaster, this is the one you think about when you hear the word “toaster”. As the name suggests, these toasters make the bread pop up after browning. They have bread slots, a simple lever mechanism and button designs. Based on your requirement, you can choose either a 2 slice or a 4 slice toaster.

Toaster oven

This multipurpose machinery is basically like a microwave but uses a different mechanism to cook food. Primarily used as a stuffed sandwich toaster, they can bake, boil, defrost and reheat as well. Nowadays, most toaster ovens comprise a timer so that you can set the temperature and let it do its job.

Conveyor Toaster

This toaster uses conveyor belts to toast many slices of bread simultaneously. Owing to its large size and operability, it is mostly used for commercial purposes or by someone who is a toast addict.

Things to Look Out for While Buying Toasters

There are many factors that you should take into account while purchasing a toaster including:

  • Slice Options/Capacity: Choose the toaster that meets your daily needs. You can select a toaster oven if you love stuffed sandwiches that are large in size. In terms of slices, you can select from the range of 2-8 slices.
  • Features and Specifications: Automation is in vogue these days. You can choose a fully automatic toaster to make your life easy. Some of the most important features to consider are — auto shut-off, cleaning functions, removable tray, auto-centring, cool touch bodies, etc.
  • Design: Toasters are now available in a plethora of colours and designs. You may want to choose one that looks nice on your kitchen sideboard. You may also want to match the colour of your coffee machine and toaster.
  • Operability: Selecting a toaster that you actually have use of is a wise decision. Choose the type that fits the appetite of your loved ones.

Discover the Latest Toasters at Bash

Bash aims to bring top-notch collections from 100% original brands, along with the best services. With world-class kitchen appliances including toasters, luxurious furniture and home décor, and an elegant closet of outfits for men, women and kids, our pack is wholesome. Make the most of Bash’s special collection, offering the best toasters on sale from the comfort of your home and avail free shipping, easy returns and free click and collect.

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