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Irons for Sale Online

At Bash, we have a refined range of irons for sale according to your needs. Use our filters for seamless search based on colours, models, price, and features. From basic to advanced feature irons, you can find everything under one roof. Make a valuable investment that makes your favourite clothes look sharp and classy.

Types of Irons

Ironing appliances come with a variety of diverse features to suit different needs. Browse our range to discover the types of irons available at Bash:

  • Steam Irons: Steam irons come with a small water tank to produce steams and are available in a wide range. These are great for cotton and silk clothes.

  • Dry Irons: These are the most affordable irons with basic features. They have a metal plate with a temperature regulator.

  • Cordless Irons: Cordless irons do not have any cord and come with an independent base for charging, and once they get fully charged, they signal to proceed with ironing.

  • Travel Irons: These irons are designed for travelling purposes. Travel irons are small, foldable, and light in weight. Their designs can easily fit in your bags.

  • Steamers: These steamers are for clothes that are difficult to iron and do not require an iron board. Steamers are best to iron printed clothes, jackets, sweaters, and soft fabric.

Things to Consider While Buying Irons

The best iron has all the features that make ironing your clothes smooth and comfortable. We have put together a list of things to consider when shopping for an iron to help you make the right choice:

  • Steam: Diverse types of clothing require different levels of stems, and ironing with the feature of adjusting steam pressure will help you iron varieties of garments effectively.

  • Weight: An iron should be comfortable to lift. Lightweight irons require pressure downwards during ironing, and heavy ones do not need pressure.

  • Soleplate Material: The material of your iron soleplate should be non-sticky. Steel soleplates glide easily on your clothes.

  • Power: High-power irons get warm fast and offer effective performance. They remove wrinkles quickly.

  • Temperature Setting: Your iron should have a dial for adjusting the temperature according to the type of fabric.

  • Auto Switch: When you stop moving the iron, this feature must switch it off automatically.

  • Water Tank Capacity: A large water tank helps you iron clothes in one go and is a must-have for your laundry day.

Discover a Range of Irons at Bash

Ironed clothes make your appearance clean and boost your confidence. Thus, Bash has tastefully curated a range of irons with exceptional features for you to choose the one that fits your needs best. Shop with us and get free delivery and easy returns. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Click & Collect options from 900+ collect points nationwide.

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