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Cleanse, relax, repeat. Dive into luxury with our refreshing bath and shower products from top brands like Panier des Sens, Nuxe, Clarins, Lelive and more.

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Showering rejuvenates and revitalises the body, washing off the day’s dust and sweat. Bash brings you a wide range of natural flavoured bath and shower products from well-known brands that use premium ingredients. Add a refreshing and long-lasting body wash and soap to your bathroom from Bash.

Different Types of Bath & Shower Products

Showering daily is a hygienic way to keep your body clean and smelling fresh. Bathing is a nice experience for both daily hygiene or occasional indulgence with candles and bubble bath. Shop these bath products and more on Bash:

  • Bath salts: Bath salts are granules that can be added to bath water. Epsom salts easily dissolve in water and help relieve pain and insomnia.
  • Shower gels: Gel-based formulations are a great alternative to body soaps. People with dry skin can confidently use shower gels as they hold the skin’s moisture. Many dermatologists prescribe shower gels for their skin cleansing and moisturising benefits. Shower gels sometimes come in different names like body gel and shower cream.
  • Body wash: Similar to shower gel, body wash has a different texture. Body washes are thinner in texture compared to shower gel. They can also be used as cleansers because they have similar ingredients and benefits.

The Benefits of Baths & Showers

You don’t have to take a long bath when you are in a rush. While baths are relaxing and luxurious, showers are quick and have some great benefits:

  • Great cleanser: Showering after work cleans the pollutants in your skin and eases your tiredness. A fragrant shower gel can calm your mind while refreshing your body. It breaks the sweat and dirt hidden under the pores, making you feel clean and letting your skin breathe. Use a bath scrub to clean away the toxins in your skin quickly.
  • Induces sleep: A good hot shower stimulates the immune system just as a relaxing bath in the bathtub does. It relaxes your muscles and helps with stress. When your mind and muscles are relaxed, it helps for deeper sleep.
  • Immune system: A hot shower stimulates and boosts our immune system. It keeps the blood circulation in a good flow, increasing immunity.
  • Improves mood: Having a cold shower helps to wake you up. Your body’s electrical impulses are activated when cold water hits the body, and this is shown to improve one’s mood.

Shop for Bath & Shower Products at Bash

Make your shower and bath routine wholesome by adding bath products from Bash. Indulge in rejuvenating bath salts and shower gels that relax and refresh you at the same time. Get your hands on bath products with natural flavors like lemon, rosemary, vanilla, and more. Order on Bash now and enjoy free delivery across South Africa.

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