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Storing your items in different makeup bags not only gives you the liberty to arrange your things but also makes a style statement that showcases your personal taste. So if you are looking for the trendiest makeup bags to store your collection, take a look at Bash’s line-up right here.

Organise your makeup with Cosmetic Bags

To keep your makeup products in good condition, organizing them is the best way of maintenance. To help you organize your beauty bag, Bash’s experts have listed 5 quick and easy tips.

  • First, empty your bag. Group the products such that you do not carry extra pieces of the same lipstick shades. Also, ensure that you are not carrying multiple empty foundation packs.
  • Clean the makeup pouch regularly to ensure it stays clean in case of any product leaks when stored.
  • Check the product's condition and toss them away if they are expired. You do not want to carry products that are of no use.
  • If you designate a cosmetic bag for each product, segregate the products according to shades.
  • Remember to clean your makeup brushes not with just water but use a makeup brush cleaner with soap and warm water and leave them to dry well.
  • Arrange your products by placing facial wipes in the most accessible place of the makeup bag. Place other products in sections where they fit properly.

Types of Cosmetic Bags

To arrange your products with ease, check out Bash’s line-up of makeup bags and pouches that you are sure to love.

Clear Makeup Bag

These makeup bags are transparent so that you can see the products. You do not have to disturb all the products just to find an eyeliner.

Professional Makeup Case

These makeup cases are extremely useful for professional makeup artists as they are large, like a trolley that can accommodate many products. It comes with a wheel to move them around easily.

Mini Makeup Bag

These small-size bags are useful for people who have basic items like foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, fragrance, and a few brushes. It is easy to carry, does not take up more space, and is handy for people who use minimal makeup.

Explore the Best Cosmetic Bags at Bash

Bash is home to a fine range of cosmetic bags that will help you organize your makeup products in a systematic, neat, and tidy manner. Take a look at our choicest collection to pick from different-sized pouches and bags in various design options that are the next value addition to your makeup collection. Shop for your favorite products and enjoy free delivery, easy returns, and free click and collect from 900+ stores in Africa.

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