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Shop for the latest gaming console on Bash, home to 100% original brands. With diverse and engaging console games, discover the latest generation of gaming with top-notch consoles and gaming accessories on our user-friendly online shopping platform. Whether you are looking for a hybrid gaming console or considering upgrading your current one, Bash’s mega selection of gaming consoles has you covered. Select your next gaming console and enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with Bash.

How many types of gaming consoles are there?

Gaming technology has reached new heights with the latest graphics and compelling stories. There are three types of gaming consoles and all video games will fall under these three categories:

  • Handheld Consoles : A portable console powered by batteries, these consoles feature its display unit and controller. Some popular handheld game consoles are Nintendo DS, Game Boy or a PSP (PlayStation Portable).

  • Home Consoles : This is a unit that has to be connected to a display screen like televisions or a monitors for its visual output. As arcade gaming console are powered by electricity, they are static and can only be played from a fixed location. Home consoles are the most preferred gaming device.

  • Hybrid Consoles : Hybrid gaming consoles can be used handheld on battery power as well as connected to an external display screen on an electric power supply. They have external controllers and the most popular hybrid video game console is the Nintendo Switch.

What is the bestselling console game of all time?

According to a popular survey, here are some of the bestselling console games of all time.

  • Nintendo’s Wii Sport maintains its top slot in games and its popularity is attributed to the fact that it is an e-sports console game.

  • Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers is the most loved franchise across platforms and has been ruling the gaming scene for three decades.

  • Microsoft’s Minecraft is a recent cult favourite and has taken the market by storm, making Xbox a leading gaming console.

  • Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite are games that are in a league of their own, speedily becoming the next-gen’s favourite games.

  • FIFA is a franchise of sports games that releases a new version annually. With its high-definition visuals and over the top customisation, FIFA is loved by football lovers and many gamers.

Shop for the Latest Gaming Consoles on Bash

Shop the latest gaming consoles for sale on Bash, home to 100% original brands. Level up your gaming skills with our selection of high precision gaming accessories. Fulfil all your gaming requirements from the comfort of your home by browsing our gaming store online. Enjoy a seamless and delightful shopping experience with free shipping, prompt deliveries and easy return policies.

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