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The Start of Russel Hobbs

Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs established Russell Hobbs Limited in 1952, and it had the distinction of being the one to introduce the automatic kettle to the world. It completely changed how kitchens function. Today, it is demonstrating that it can expand beyond the kettle market to win over a huge customer base market of kitchen appliances. And you can now access all of their kitchenware here at Bash!

Types of Russell Hobbs Products

From toasters to coffee makers to kettles, Russel Hobbs appliances have got it all. Check out their products here.

  1. Kettles Bring more to your mornings with Russell Hobbs’ kettles. They are inspired by cafe designs and interiors. Russell Hobbs has been at the forefront of producing quick, easy-to-use, attractive electric kettles for decades. By all means, satiate your need for hot freshly-brewed morning beverages with the Russel Hobbs electric kettle.

  2. Toasters Take pleasure in the flavour sensation that comes with biting into a crunchy, fresh slice of toast prepared using a Russel Hobbs toaster. There are two types of Russel Hobbs toasters available – sliced and slotted. From toasty croissants to hot bagels and crumpets, Russell Hobbs is pleased to offer a sophisticated selection of toasters that will complement any kitchen.

  3. Coffee Makers Brewing excellent coffee at home is simple. Although there are many different kinds of coffee makers, we do know that you do not need to spend some extra coins every morning to brew your favourite cappuccino or latte. Install their Russel Hobbs coffee maker and you are good to go every morning.

  4. Food Preparation Tools There are a variety of tools available at Russel Hobbs for mixing, whisking, blending, chopping, liquidising, and beating that are intended to make life simpler.

Popular Russell Hobbs Product Features

Russel Hobbs is a preferred choice for most people. Here are two reasons why everyone thinks that it is a good brand.

  1. Product Designs The design of each product is sleek and appealing. The hand blenders feature a heart-shaped close-to-handle stainless steel blade, the kettles each come in vibrant and attractive colours that add accent to any kitchen decor.

  2. Modern Technology It weaves in modern technology well with practical applications. With award-winning features like the sneak-a-peek function for a quick check on progress, temperature controls and custom programs, its appliances capture everything you may need.

Find Your Kitchen Upgrade with Russel Hobbs at Bash

Russel Hobbs products have been created and tested with three goals in mind: to make cooking easier, to save time, and to make cleanup less of a bother. At Bash you can get these original products home delivered with a warranty and certification. You can even return or exchange if you need to. Get ready to upgrade your kitchen. Shop from Russel Hobbs online at Bash today.

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