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Bash carries an impressive variety of sports bags and backpacks, including leather backpacks. If you’re pursuing sports or any kind of physical activity, find a sports bag from our vast range. At Bash, we take pride in our collection of the best backpacks in South Africa. From sleek backpacks to cute backpacks for your little ones, Bash’s curation will not disappoint you.

How to Choose the Right Sports bags & Backpack

A boxer’s need for a backpack will be different from that of a swimmer. Hence, different sports require different kinds of bags. Consider the following pointers before purchasing a sports bag.

  • Water Resistant Material: If you are into watersports, it’s key to pick a bag crafted with water-resistant material. These are lightweight and can be cleaned and dried easily. Also, choose a material that will keep your belongings dry inside.

  • Lockable Zippers: When you go trekking and camping, it’s safer to lock your bag as storage may not always be available. Make sure the zippers of your bags can be locked so you do not have to worry about your belongings.

  • Extra Bottle Space: Cyclists and gym-goers need to carry water, pre-workouts, and protein shakes. So, they need a bag that provides extra bottle space. Sometimes an additional compartment is needed for a change of shoes. Keep that too in mind before getting your bag.

  • Trolley Bag: Some athletes may have an entire sports kit to carry. Trolley bags are perfect for them as they can be tugged along.

Types of Backpacks

There is a huge variety of sports bags available with distinct functions. Read on for the different kinds of backpacks that will suit your lifestyle best.

  • Drawstring bag: A drawstring bag is the most simple sports bag made with synthetic materials, featuring a drawstring closure.

  • Gym bags: Gym bags are small duffle bags with extra compartments for shoes.

  • Duffle bags: Duffle bags are large bags with multiple compartments to accommodate an entire kit.

  • Trekking bags: Trekking bags are large vertical bags that are uber-spacious, lightweight, and crafted with waterproof material.

  • Multi-utility backpacks: Multi-utility backpacks are regular backpacks with multiple compartments, water compartments, padded shoulder straps, and water-resistant lightweight material for easy carry.

  • Basketball bags: Basketball bags are bags with extra capacity to carry a basketball and some more stuff.

Shop for Sports Backpack and More at Bash

Shop for the best backpacks on Bash, home to 100% original brands. Whether you’re hunting for backpacks or sports bags, look no further. Look stylish in rugged yet stylish sports watches. Elevate your outfits with a pair of the freshest sports shoes. Avail of all this and more with free shipping and easy returns and exchanges.

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