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Look sharp and feel comfortable all day long with our versatile men's chinos. Find the perfect pair for any occasion.

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Chinos for men are making a comeback, with people wearing them not only at the office but pretty much everywhere else. If you too want to get on with the trend, Bash is where you should be at. We are home to a variety of styles and colours in chinos to check out. From fitted chinos to tapered and loose ones, choose the style of your choice to make a suave fashion statement. What’s more, the 100% original brands at Bash will have you acing the style game at every formal and informal event.

Comfortable and Cool Chinos for Men

Chinos are in high demand because of the comfort and style they offer. At Bash, you get to pick from a refined selection of regular fit, pleat tapered, slim-belted, skinny, and denim-style chinos. All of these men’s pants are known to lend comfort and style in unimaginable ways.

Now, let us look at several styles that demonstrate comfort and coolness.

Comfortable Fit:

With a well-fitted waist and a comfortably loose fit, a pair of chinos offers enough room to feel comfy without looking baggy. Unlike modern dress pants and jeans, chinos do not have to be skin-tight and calf-clinging. A somewhat loose fit allows both you and the trousers to breathe freely.

Cool Appearance:

Chinos are versatile enough to wear to the workplace and casual enough to wear to the beach with a sporty men’s T-shirt. The strength of these pants is how readily they can be dressed up or down. And, it is no surprise that their versatility helped them last so long.

Style Your Outfit with Men’s Chinos

You can easily distinguish between a casual and a formal chino. A formal one will have cuts, resembling more like dress pants, whereas the casual ones feature a jeans-like look. Examine details such as the cut of the pockets (front and back) and whether or not there are any pleats. If you wonder how to incorporate these adaptable trousers into your collection this season, Bash’s style guide will come in handy.

  • Combine navy-blue chinos with a light dress men's shirt for a more formal look. You can use a blazer in a similar tone and a tie, belt, or even pocket squares to complete the look.

  • Treat chinos in place of a pair of jeans to wear casually. Chinos look great with a chequered shirt and men's boots or low-top sneakers.

  • The classic pairing of khaki chinos and a crisp white polo or muted T-shirt is hard to go wrong with. Add simple aviator-style men's sunglasses for a brunch or day at the beach, maintaining a subtle, elegant appeal.

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