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The History of UNION

The true UNION tale begins with Parachute, a Canadian garment company that James Fowler originally started and that Morgan Allard led in the late 1980s. UNION, located in SoHo (South of Houston Street, Manhattan, New York) was one of the first shops that brought cool, younger-looking goods into the rising hip-hop scene.

Moreover, their “Frontman” logo, which depicts the ambiguous haloed silhouette, is essentially a reworking of the Jumpman, created by the influential Korean-American streetwear designer Sung Choi. The UNION team took pleasure in the confusion caused by people’s speculation that the logo represented a dancer, a skater, or some angel due to the halo. This is because UNION has always been a gathering place for people from different walks of life and backgrounds to mingle and exchange knowledge, tales, and fashion.

Collections from UNION

This multi-faceted, primarily men’s brand crafts a variety of clothing like jackets, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and more, as well as men’s accessories, including caps, belts, and shoes. Let us dive into the fabulous collection here:


UNION’s jeans for men and women come in various fits from regular and skinny to slim. Their assortment offers an array of blended materials that promise comfort with a unique design. UNION’s jackets are a hallmark of panache and comfiness with evergreen and trending styles, including the bomber, denim, and parka jackets that are quintessential clothing every man’s wardrobe needs. The clothing range also features the most sought-after UNION T-shirts — the collared neck golfers. Usually, their T-shirts and oversized sweatshirts include the brand’s logo with exciting embroidery and a sporty look.

Caps and Beanies

UNION’s caps include pigment wash embossed versions and denim caps. The beanies range from bucket hats to reversible and reversible peep-out varieties, available in a spectrum of colors and materials for different seasons.

Shoes and Socks

The chic variety of shoes features chunky boots and trainer shoes dominating the collection in bright hues and comfortable fits. The brand also offers a range of comfy socks suitable for different seasons as well as sports.


UNION has a classic collection of black and brown leather belts that form the men’s wardrobe staple. The leather belts accentuate the ensemble, lending it a classy, stylish appeal.

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