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Shop for everything you need to start your new fitness regime and sweat it out. Explore our excellent collection of women's clothing. Browse sports jackets for women and sports shoes and put together your workout wardrobe. Find a wide range of branded ladies’ sports bras at the Bash, the one-stop online shop for your fitness requirements.

Sports Bra: A Mandatory Part of Your Fitness Routine

Whether a runner or a swimmer, proper fitting support during any physical activity is important for any woman. Women's sports bras are a mandatory part of your fitness wear, giving the much-needed structured and tight-fit support to your upper body during workouts. They help alleviate a lot of discomfort, stress, or soreness caused by the movement during workouts that can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. A women's sports bra gives confidence and freedom to work out without being conscious.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

Women have become more and more physically active. Being agile and in shape is ever so important now. A lot of women lift weights in the gym, making fitness their new mantra. Let us see the benefits of wearing a sports bra.

  • Support: We have already discussed how the muscles in a woman's body need support. A sports bra makes sure that the upper body is well-supported.
  • Minimize Movement: Too much movement can lead to much pain and discomfort during high-impact physical activity. A sports bra minimizes obvious movement with fitted support.
  • Gives Confidence: The confidence women get by wearing a sports bra is undeniable. They work out comfortably without having to worry about how they look.
  • Maintain the Shape: The constant movement during any physical activity in the long term may lead to chest muscles sagging. Wearing a sports bra ensures the support for the upper body and helps maintain the shape.

Workout Confidently with Sports Bra from Bash

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