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Indulge in luxury and sophistication with our premium collection of heels for women, designed to turn heads wherever you go.

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Bash brings you some of the most trendy and comfortable footwear brands. Each brand offers a unique heel collection. In addition, you can filter options based upon brand, design, and colour to refine your search further. If you, too, are exploring online shopping for a comfortable pair of heels for women, our next section explores the different styles that are worth checking out on Bash.

Browse the Different Types of Heels for Women on Bash

Whether you are on the hunt for a pair of women's heels to complement a party outfit or are looking for something sturdy and comfortable, we have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the most on-trend designs we have in store for you.

  1. Block Heel

    • Chunky Heel Trend: The chunky heel trend has been making the rounds on social media for quite some time now. This footwear is regarded as one of the most comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. We offer various silver heels featuring straps, buckles, tie-up laces and much more such fascinating details.
  2. Kitten Heel

    • Short and Stylish: If you are a fan of heels but prefer them to be short, kitten ones are perfect for you. You can effortlessly style these to work or any other occasion where you may be required to walk a lot. We highly recommend getting your hands on black heels in a kitten style.
  3. Stilettos

    • Party-Ready: Contrary to popular belief, these party-appropriate heels can be uber comfortable. The high heels for ladies featured on our platform are either closed, peep-toe or strappy, with or without ankle straps. Stilettos can be paired with a plethora of outfits, making them a wardrobe staple.
  4. Wedge Heel

    • Classic Elegance: The classic wedge heel that adds a few inches to your frame can never go out of fashion. Discover fascinating transparent wedge heel designs in different colours and fastenings at Bash.

A Guide to Styling Women's Heels

There are many ways to dress up or down an outfit with the right pair of women's heels. Here are a few things to keep in mind when styling different women's heels from Bash.

  • Style a pair of comfortable block heels with boyfriend jeans and a crop top for a casual day. Alternatively, cigarette pants with block heels and a puff-sleeve top are ideal for work.
  • If you have a formal event to attend, opt for strappy pointy-toe stiletto heels with a ball gown, You can also style a closed-toe design with formal trousers and a blouses for women.
  • Dress up at the beach in a pair of comfortable wedge heeled shoes for women. Opt for ones with straps to match your bathing suit.
  • Ensure to keep your feet warm in the winters by styling a pair of kitten heel boots. Not only do these elevate the look of dresses for women, but they also allow you to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Shop for Heels for Women Online from Bash

Bash is home to 100% original brands for various products, including women's heel shoes. In addition, we offer the latest trends and easy-to-read size finders so you can shop for the best options in fashion anytime, anywhere.

Apart from providing you with the most upgraded fashion, we offer curated listings for everything ranging from home decor to fashionable clothing. We also provide free shipping, return and correct policies and cost-less returns. Sign up and discover the finest collection of heels for women in Africa, only at Bash!

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