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Bash is home to an expansive range of TV and home products that are here to make home management and entertainment easy. We offer different gadgets, smart TVs, and everything else you need to handle your smart home with ease. Browse the electronics section to get your hands on some fantastic devices and make your house a smart home.

How to Control Smart Home Devices with Your TV

Your TV is a source of entertainment, but it is also a big screen that can operate all your Wi-Fi devices like cameras, smart door locks, smart security systems, video doorbells, and other smart home devices. Some TVs also come with built-in smart home control, while others require a media streaming device or a smart speaker.

  • You can control the smart home with the current operating system for a number of different TV brands and models. Simply sign in to your account to manage your smart home devices using the remote and voice control on your TV. All of the smart home gadgets you have used in the Home app will display on your TV, and you can control them with the remote or voice command to have your assistant assist you.

  • Another way is when you use an external device for voice commands. You can learn new skills and use the remote or voice commands to control all of your devices on the screen. You may ask to raise the temperature on your smart thermostat, lock your back door, or get notified when your laundry is done if you have linked it to a smart dryer.

  • A smart home application is a smart home control system that works with gadgets from the same brand. If you have a TV and smartphone from the same brand, you can control all your brand devices from one screen.

  • The personal voice assistant allows you to take smart control of your environment. You can command it to turn the lights and other appliances off when leaving the room, so you save electric energy for sustainable living.

How to Integrate a Smart TV into Your Home?

A smart home application is a smart home control system that works with gadgets from the same brand. If you have a TV and smartphone from the same brand, you can control all of the same brand devices from one screen.

  • A personal voice assistant allows you to take full control of your environment. It also connects to other smart home devices, allowing you to operate them while you relax in the living room.

  • Connecting a Smart TV to a digital assistant is the best way to get the most out of it by activating voice commands.

  • If you enjoy background noise during bedtime, simple voice commands such as volume alterations and setting a timer to turn on the TV at a specific time can be employed. You can also use these devices to watch particular programs at scheduled timings.

  • Your television can help you keep your home safe and secure. Just connect your smart locks and home security system to your television.

Build a Smart Home with Bash

At Bash, we offer everything you need to make your home smart by adopting new technologies. Browse through our curation to shop for exclusive home automation devices to turn your home into a smart one. Shop with us and avail of free shipping, click and collect and easy returns.

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