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Elevate your scent with perfumes for men from top brands. Find the perfect match for your personality and style at Bash.

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Bash houses an extensive collection of sophisticated colognes ranging from woodsy and musky aromas to aquatic and spicy ones. Whether you’re in the market for an everyday fragrance or an evening perfume, Bash's diverse assemblage of best fragrances for men has you covered.

Types of Perfumes for Men

Many scents garner all the attention, while some are only noticeable when you are close to the wearer. Some of the most popular types of fragrances for men include:

  • Eau De Parfum Try fresh woody men's fragrances, which opens with a burst of citrus and mint notes twisted with the bitter-sweetness of absinthe, evoking the green English countryside. Eau de Parfums last up to 5 hours, and their perfume concentration varies from 15% to 20%.

  • Perfumes From 20% to 30%, the highest concentration of fragrances is used in perfumes and are relatively expensive compared to other perfumes. Exude a charming aura with a perfume that can last up to 6 -8 hours.

  • Eau De Toilette With just the right power, Eau De Toilette is perfect for everyday wear. Mesmerise your date with an Eau de Toilette fragrance featuring the spicy notes of black pepper and the sweetness of lavender. Eau De Toilette lasts for 2 to 3 hours, so keep it in your men's bag to re-apply.

How to Choose the Right Perfumes for Men?

Make a statement with an excellent signature fragrance. With Bash's remarkable collection of fragrances for men featuring distinct top, middle, and base notes, you can find a perfume that is uniquely yours. Some tips to guide you to select the right fragrance.

  • For date nights, consider a musky or spicy perfume for men linked with confidence that is not too strong.

  • A fragrance with spicy, woodsy, and citric elements works wonderfully for everyday workwear. Remember to keep the scent light and neutral, as strong scents can be unprofessional.

  • To find your favorite men's fragrance, follow your nose and find the one that smells good to you. The perfect fragrance should also work well with your body chemistry.

  • A man's fragrance should have a subtle and slow impact, and for that, it is better to spray it on the chest or at the back of the shoulders.

Get the Best Men's Perfumes at Bash

Bash features a diversified selection of men's fragrances, men's clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. Discover an impressive array of sensual colognes at our men's perfumes sale and choose one with your favorite notes. Home to 100% original brands for women, men, and kids' fashions, Bash brings the latest trends in global fashion right to your door, coupled with free shipping, hassle-free returns, and quick delivery on every order for a delightful online shopping experience.

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