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How to Select the Best Metal for a Wedding Ring?

Since your wedding band is going to be with you forever, you need something that withstands harsh chemicals and daily wear and tear. Choose from the below-mentioned metals for this jewellery.

  1. Yellow gold is the most popular and reliable option for engagement rings. It is easily malleable and is unaffected by creams or chemicals. While it is prone to light scratches, it can be easily polished to look new.
  2. Rose or gold wedding rings are other options. They look smart and can be worn with traditional and western outfits. Rose gold wedding rings also have a soft, romantic look. Both can be repolished for better shine.
  3. Platinum has a silver colour and is a reliable metal for everyday jewellery and accessories. It is stronger than gold and can withstand most chemicals used daily.

What are the Different Types of Rings For Wedding

Once you choose the metal for your wedding rings, you can opt for different styles and designs in them. Here are a few popular ones.

  1. Eternity Band

    These are classic platinum or gold wedding rings that are plain and made of solid metal. You can experiment with the ring profile, which means go for cylindrical or square style rings that look unique.
  2. Patterned

    These are similar to bands but have various designs and textures to them. For instance, you can have a mix of yellow and white gold in checks or floral prints. There are also rotating and swivel designs available in these.
  3. Diamond Encrusted

    These rings for wedding have a line of small or medium-sized diamonds across the band or on half of it. You can opt for colours or classic white diamonds in unique settings and styles. Some people also opt for out-of-the-box rings for wedding with diamonds crafted in interesting designs.

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