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Fill your living space with our range of premium home decor items from deligthful home fragrances to mirrors and wall decor, carpets, lighting, cushions, storage solutions and more.

Buy Home Decor Online

With the smallest to biggest home décor pieces brought to you by top-notch brands, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you shop from Africa’s largest online shopping store — Bash. An exciting range of modern home decor items awaits you. Scroll through our tastefully handpicked range of the latest home décor items and get the ones you like the most.

Revamp Your House with Lavish Home Decor

Bash is pleased to greet you with the freshest house decor items to spruce up every space. If you are wondering where to begin decorating your home or need some artistic insight, let us share some ideas for your house decor.

  • Choose home décor pieces that match your home’s theme. For instance, if you have an industrial or rustic aesthetic, go for wooden or metal wall frames and floor lamps.

  • If your home has some dull spots, get some lamps to light up the corners and give a warm, cosy vibe.

  • When the walls seem too plain, opt for mirrors and add some shelves to place small pots of artificial plants to give it character instantly.

Types of Home Decor Items Available at Bash

Browse the expansive collection featuring the freshest home décor items to choose ones that match your home’s aesthetics.

  • Plants: Adding greenery to your space is the easiest way to get a natural look. Different kinds of plants with diverse leaves add a zest of freshness to the space while making you feel close to nature. Bash brings you trending artificial plants and flowers that look natural and are durable, so you never have to worry about them withering away. Just clean them with a cloth, and they are as fresh as new.

  • Wall Décor: Walls greatly impact the vibe your home radiates. Thus, plain walls may feel dull after a while. However, with some easy to put up wall décor, you can make the walls look appealing. Pick from Bash’s range of wall decor items, such as wall hangings made with macrame that are sure to make your walls interesting.

  • Three-dimensional Decor: Decorating your home with 3D artwork has always worked like magic. Go with 3D décor pieces such as a vase to add an elegant and aesthetic touch. You can explore even more kinds of tabletop decor that serve different purposes, all while looking exceptionally attractive.

  • Lamps: Your home is incomplete without a few eye-catching lamps. From living rooms and dining rooms to kitchens and bedrooms, lamps, in their variations of the ceiling, wall, floor, and tabletop, not only brighten up the space but also add a dash of panache.

  • Mirrors: For centuries, mirrors have been widely used as home décor pieces to add character and richness to a space. Choose from different sized mirrors to instantly add an accent to the room that is hard to miss.

Shop for Attractive Home Décor at Bash

Take matters into your hands by decorating your home that reflects your taste and style. Make your haven a place where you love to make memories and impress your guests with your home décor details. Take a look through Bash’s exciting and exquisite selection featuring the latest home décor pieces to bring your home to life. Shop with us to get free shipping and easy returns for a seamless online shopping experience.

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