71 items
Dune Bed Xlength
R17,499.00 - R18,999.00
Bethany Bed Lino Honey
R12,999.00 - R14,499.00
Bethany Bed Cos Vanilla Milk
R12,999.00 - R14,499.00
Haven Four Poster Bed Xlength
R19,499.00 - R20,999.00
Haven Four Poster Bed Xlength
R19,499.00 - R20,999.00
Juliette Headboard
R12,999.00 - R14,999.00

Headboards For Sale

Enjoy great comfort with Bash’s range of headboard sets. Browse our selection of trendy headboards from top-notch furnishing brands. We provide you with the finest variety of headboards for sale at worthy prices. Shop now for the perfect bed headboards online at Bash.

Types of Headboards

Bed headboards come in a variety of crafted materials. The headboard’s style and designs should be considered while choosing one for your bed. Here are some most popular types of headboards to choose from.

  1. Wood Headboards: This type of headboard creates an elegant and classic bedroom style. Wood headboards can be customized according to your liking and make for beautiful designer headboards to add.

  2. Metal Headboards: Mostly made from cast iron, metal headboards are the most durable and long-lasting if cared for properly. The open designs create an illusion of space for smaller rooms and are available in antique and modern headboard designs.

  3. Upholstered Headboard: Apart from being functional, upholstered headboards add an elegant touch to your décor. These are covered with fabrics like linen, velvet, or microfiber, giving it a smooth and comfortable finishing. The most lavish and popular are white headboards that go with all sorts of décor.

  4. Leather Headboards: The expensive and exotic upholstered leather headboards are made from faux leather for a magnificent touch.

Benefits of Headboards

If you are wondering why you need to add a headboard, let Bash highlight some benefits of having one above your bed.

  1. Headboards are installed to protect your head from the cold wall and provide heat and insulation.
  2. Headboards effortlessly serve as space fillers on your blank wall, making your space look more alluring.
  3. They prevent any damage-causing to your wall through the beds. It avoids the wall from getting scuffed up.
  4. Any accidental spill or stain will hit the bed headboard surface before getting to the wall.
  5. King and queen headboards with extra cushions provide support to lean against and help keep a comfortable posture while sitting.
  6. Bedroom headboards act as a barrier between the temperatures of the wall from icy cold nights to warm summer days.
  7. Headboards also help keep the mattresses in place to prevent them from shifting up or down.

Complete Your Bedroom with the Best Headboard from Bash

Bash brings you an assortment of the best and latest headboards to match your requirements and style. Browse our collection of headboards online to select from simple, elegant headboards to designer ones. Buy headboards from Bash and avail convenient shipping, returns, and click and collect from over 900 stores.

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