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Unlock memories with our captivating fragrances at Bash. Explore an array of scents online – from fruity and fresh options for women to woody, musky, and fresh choices for men.

Buy Fragrances Online

Fragrances can create much more than just a pleasing mindset, they can make memories too. Go online on Bash and find mesmerizing colognes in a range of scents. You can opt for a fruity, fresh one or a floral, heady one if you're a woman. And we offer woody, musk, and fresh fragrances in men’s perfumes and women's perfumes too.

Create a Lasting Impression with Fragrances

There are a host of fragrances for sale at Bash that you will love. You can even layer them to create your personalized scent. Here are a few tips to wear your perfumes:

  • For the daily commute to work or college, you can choose light and breezy fragrances. Women can go for floral perfumes layered with fruity mists. Men can opt for oceanic scents. Ensure that you spray the perfume on your body and not just on your t-shirt.
  • Feel fresh when you go and sweat it out in your gym or dance class. Wear a deodorant on your body, and spray strong spicy scents or unisex perfumes on your clothing. Carry a small bottle with you to use post-workout.
  • Enhance the mood of your date night by wearing a lovely evening fragrance based on vanilla or woody notes. Women can go for the former with a mix of citrus notes, while men can pick the latter with a hint of musk.

A Wide Selection of Unique Fragrances for Men and Women

Floral & Fruity

These scents are inspired by flowers like roses and lilies, and citrus fruits or vanilla pods. These are usually the top notes of the perfume or the mist, followed by a base note of woody or musk scents.


These are inspired by the eastern cultures and offer a mix of aquatic, fresh, or earthy flavors. Depending on the fragrance you choose, you can find them either as the top or base notes.

Woody & Spicy

The top choice in the beauty and health section for men fragrances feature notes of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Some may even have a mix of earthy and oriental notes.

Get Mesmerizing Fragrances at Bash

Bash is a place to find everything for your fashion and lifestyle needs. You can find well-fitting jeans, classic men's belts, exquisite jewellery, memorable fragrances, luxury women's watches, and much more. We offer quick delivery at your doorstep, and our online payment options are safe and secure. Plus, we only house 100% original products, especially fragrances. You only get the best. Uplift your mood with amazing fragrances from Bash right now.

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