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Get your home sparkling clean and clutter-free with our cleaning and homekeeping selection featuring ergo mop sets, stainless steel bins, scrubs, microfibre cloths and more.

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Explore Bash’s wide variety of kitchen cleaning tools, from scrubs and microfibre cloths to vacuum cleaners and more. Our range of kitchen cleaning tools and products will make housework more manageable.

Essential Kitchen Cleaning Tools for Every Home

With the growing popularity of open kitchens, the need for a clean kitchen has never been more crucial. Here’s how you can use different cleaning products to achieve clean countertops and finishes.

  • Gloves and Brushes Rubber gloves are essential in every kitchen as they protect your hands from abrasive surfaces and cleaning chemicals. To remove oily stains, clean the kitchen tiles once a week using brushes and sponges.

  • Sponge After the utensils have been washed, have a natural fibre cleaning towel on hand to dry them off. Keep some absorbent old clothing and high-quality sponge wipes to clean wet surfaces in the event of a spill. These can also be used to clean the surface of kitchen equipment to avoid any oily build-up.

  • Spray Cleaner Clean window glass and smooth surfaces are the results of weekly cleaning. A spray window cleaner wipe can make weekly window cleaning easy. The spray aids in the equal distribution of cleaning solutions or water, and wipes can effectively clean the glass panes. You can also use it to clean appliances in the kitchen like the fridge and oven.

  • Microfiber Cloth A microfiber cleaning cloth can help light dust collection from any surface of kitchen furniture and furnishings. With the growing popularity of kitchen decor, it’s wise to keep this available to wipe up dust that accumulates.

  • Mounted Organisers These hanging organisers are convenient if you store your cleaning supplies beneath the sink. To keep the scrub and sponges handy, you can use a self-draining organiser like a dish rack and a hanger-organiser adjacent to or within the sink.

  • Garbage Holder A plastic garbage bag holder can help dispose of kitchen waste, particularly when cutting vegetables and fruits on the counter. You might keep it in one of your kitchen drawers until the day’s meal preparation is complete and then throw it in the bin.

Get Kitchen Cleaning Essentials at Bash

Choose from our extensive range of cleaning and housework tools and utensils. Collecting these kitchen cleaning essentials is vital to maintaining your space from day to day. Shop at Bash to get your hands on original products and enjoy free shipping, easy returns, and click and collect.

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