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Suit up for success and look your best with our extraordinary suits for men and tailoring collection on sale at Bash. Experience dapper style at its finest and elevate your elegance to new heights

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Bash is home to the latest collection of the best men’s suits for every occasion. Our handpicked range of classic and stylish suits for men are tailored to exceptional standards. To assure your convenience, we categorise our offerings of suits for men brands based on various occasions so you can filter the options to find a match for your needs. Invest in your style and personality with our tasteful selection.

How to Tailor an Off-The-Rack Suits for Men

Bash is here with essential tips for you on tailoring an off-the-rack men’s suit:

For the Blazer

  • Overall fit: When you wear a blazer, you should be able to button it without any hassle. It should always be close to your exact fit.
  • Shoulders: The corner of the cushion on the shoulder should not stretch beyond your shoulders, appearing too loose.
  • Chest: You should be able to move your arms freely without feeling constricted.
  • Neck: The piece of cloth should not pop outside from the back of your neck.
  • Waist: Rack suits are not tapered at the waist, so get it tailored for proper fitting.
  • Sleeves: The blazer’s sleeves should end just before your shirt’s cuff, and your shirt cuff should always be visible.

For the Trousers

  • Rise: The rise depends on your preference. The ideal pair of trousers features a mid-rise.
  • Waist: Your waistband should be comfortable, not too tight or loose.
  • Seat: The seat of your pants must not look too tight or loose. If the seat hangs, ask your tailor to fix it or if it’s too fit, ask him to make it comfortable.
  • Length: It depends on your preference. Some prefer ankle-length pants, while others opt for full-length pants.

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The Biggest Trends - Suits for Men

To keep your style up to the minute, Bash’s fashion experts have gathered the biggest suits for men and tailoring trends.

  • Oversize suits: They give a comfy, stylish look. An oversized blue blazer for men is a good pick for your friend’s birthday bash or date night.
  • Suit separates: A tailored jacket with different trousers will give you an unconventional yet attractive and classy look.
  • Suits with knitwear: Nowadays, men do not hesitate to experiment. Style your suits with knitwear T-shirts or men's jerseys and sneakers for men to nail business casuals.
  • Prints: The ultimate showstopper at ritzy parties, prints, and patterns on suits are known to add contrast and character.
  • Double-breasted blazers and suits: A double-breasted deep-toned or black blazer for men is a classy and comfortable attire that gives an elegant party look.

Shop for Uber-Classy Suits for Men at Bash

End your search for classy suits for men near me as Bash comes to your rescue. From formal men’s suits to party wear suits we have everything under one roof. Shop for men’s suits online made from premium fabrics in attractive colours and patterns from top brands of the fashion industry. Avail of the benefits of free shipping and a hassle-free returns policy when you choose to shop from Bash.

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