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When purchasing gadgets, you need to keep several factors in mind such as - features, durability, warranty, brand name, application and much more. Hence, buying electronics online is the best bet. At Bash, we house 100 percent authentic technological products that are sure to enrich your life. Plus, we have the latest offering from international brands available at amazing deals and discounts.


The humble, large television box has now gotten a makeover. You can get sleek LED TVs with smart features and OTT apps access. At Bash, we have televisions that offer the best colours and the highest clarity. These are available in a range of small and large sizes, depending on your use. You can even connect your phones and tablets with the TV for working on a bigger screen.

Mobile Phone

A must-have for your daily life, cell phones are almost an extension of us. From socialising to work and entertainment, we get it all from them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying them:

  1. Storage and RAM: This is the hardware part of the phone, which decides how fast your phone will run and how much storage capacity it has. In these, higher space and speed is a preferred option, as it can run multiple apps smoothly and store large data.
  2. Camera Quality: You can capture funny and valuable memories forever by simply clicking on your phone. Hence, you need a phone with a high megapixel camera. Along with it, it needs to have depth, clarity and night focus too.
  3. User Friendly Software: If your phone has everything but is tough to use, it would be a hassle. Opt for phones that have a user-friendly interface with smoothness in swiping between apps. Most phones these days come with an online manual and tips to make this process easier.


Laptops are essential for work and online meetings, and they are also used on the go. Hence, you need to buy good quality laptops with the following features:

  1. Go for laptops that have higher RAM so that they can run heavy programs and games easily without lagging. You can use an external storage drive if the laptop has limited storage.
  2. The screen of the laptop has to have good clarity and must be durable on light impact when travelling.
  3. Look for reputed brands that offer long and comprehensive warranty in case of defects or accidents.


Online gaming is a great way to beat stress after work. Go for branded gaming consoles with smart controllers that can support multiple types of games. The latest trend in this is virtual gaming which helps you move physically while enjoying the game.

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Bash is a trusted site for buying electronics for most discerning customers. We offer authentic products with a warranty, and return and exchange offer too. So buy the latest technological products from Bash now!

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