Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been known as a girl’s best friend and are often symbolic for special events such as engagements. Diamond bracelets and wedding rings have, for a long time been the perfect gift due to their never fading shine. Bash has an amazing array of the perfect diamond engagement rings for you to commemorate the special occasion.

Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online

Diamond engagement rings have the feeling of glitz and glam embedded in them to offer them a timeless look. This shining stone is an absolute favourite, whether it’s in the form of ear cuffs or a ring. Diamond rings are available in a variety of designs, each suited to a specific aesthetic.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Size for Engagement Ring

Picking the size of the diamond for your engagement rings is a task that requires a bit of consideration. Here is how to pick the most appropriate size diamond for your ring.

  • Analyse the sizes available in diamond engagement rings and figure out the size you want.
  • If your partner will be wearing the ring daily, the size may vary based on their daily activities.
  • Another top consideration is the cost. Your affordability will often be the determining factor when deciding on the size you purchase.

Top Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Have a look at the all-time favourites in diamond engagement rings available with the finest details at Bash.

  • The Classic Solitaire: Nothing is more appealing than the classic look of a solitaire engagement ring with a stone that makes a subtle statement.
  • Yellow Gold and Diamond Engagement Rings: The charming combination of gold and diamond is something to consider while hunting for the perfect diamond engagement ring. The two compliment each other well while adding an additional beauty to your hands.
  • White and Shine Diamond Ring: Let the diamond shine through with a more minimalist design. Diamond engagement rings in South Africa are curated in white gold with a diamond placed securely within the claws of the ring.
  • Triple Ring Cluster: Choosing a single-layer ring has become more common. Opt instead for a more unique option such as a triple-layer ring with a beautifully detailed floral design composing of diamonds. The beaded band serves as the perfect base for the diamond to stand out.
  • Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings: There’s nothing better than simple diamond engagement rings but with a twist. Do not stick to only one stone, rather, make it a bit more extravagant with a leafy band composed of multiple diamonds.
  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring: Gone are the days of ruling white diamonds. Black diamond engagement rings have carved its own path in the world of engagement rings providing a more unique and edgy look. The stone is often complemented with tiny white diamonds and a rose gold embedded six-claw holder.
  • Yellow Diamond with White Band: Rather than the conventional approach of a gold band with a diamond in between, take a unique route with a white band holding a yellow diamond for a twist on the classic.

Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings at Bash

Pick a diamond that conveys your message of love on your behalf, while enjoying a convenient shopping experience all at Bash.

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