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The first thing any squash players should add to their gear is an appropriate pair of squash shoes. These are lightweight compared to other shoes and help you move freely so you can give your opponent a tough competition. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level squash player, Bash has an exquisite range of squash shoes for sale. Take your pick from our choicest squash shoes for men and women, brought to you by 100% original brands for all levels of players giving the desired stability and traction.

Latest Collection of Squash Shoes at Bash

Finding the right squash boots for men and women is easy thanks to the variety available online. Browse our handpicked collection of squash shoes from Bash to find out which type of shoe meets your requirements.

Solid Squash Shoes

The evergreen trend of single-coloured squash shoes is still a favourite for many squash players. Available in a range of basic colours like black and white as well as vivid ones like orange, yellow and red, these make an understated statement while offering you good stability and grip with long-lasting durability.

Colour-blocked Squash Shoes

Offering a refreshing, statement-making combination of colours, colour-blocked shoes have a separate fan base. Not only are they trendy, but they are also sporty and can add an oomph to your overall sports attire.

How to Choose the Right Squash Shoes?

To help you choose the right squash shoes and socks online, Bash has put together a list of tips you must consider before buying your next pair.

  • The size: Footwear, especially sports shoes, should not be ill-fitted. Measure the size of your feet in inches or centimetres and compare them with the size chart on Bash’s product page to find your right size.
  • Weight: When it comes to squash shoes, their weight plays a big role in the player’s speed. Thus, it is necessary to go for a lightweight pair. They should be the ideal weight to balance the individual’s mass and protect their feet from injury.
  • Breathable: Because the game requires more energy, there are many chances of sweating. So, the shoe needs the right ventilation spaces to lower the chances of having sweaty feet. Thus, it prevents grip reduction and enhances performance.
  • Cushioning: Cushioned insoles strengthen the shoe and add to its sole and ankle protection. It also helps with shock absorption while ensuring a good grip and stability.

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Shop for the Latest Squash Shoes at Bash

Improve your game technique and posture and train properly with the best-in-industry squash shoes online made available to you at Bash. Whether you like simple or trendy footwear, our curated collection has the perfect pair to take your game and style to the next level. Order now and enjoy free shipping and click and collect from 900+ outlets across South Africa with hassle-free returns.

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