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Everyone loves to smell good, and while perfumes and eau de toilette are among the most common choices, you need to consider investing in the best cologne for you. If your budget approves, you can purchase the most expensive cologne and stand out in the crowd.

Buy Colognes Online

If you’re looking to order the best cologne, look no further as Bash has got your back. Our handpicked selection of colognes offers you the best-in-industry brands that have crafted these scents in a range of notes, from subtle to strong, long-lasting ones. Whether you need a fragrance that keeps you smelling good all day long or a scent that makes an impact on special occasions, we have something for every mood. Scroll through our line-up of the best colognes for men and women to pick the one that complements your personality.

How Long Does Colognes Last?

The lasting mechanism of a colognes depends on a number of factors. Generally, it varies according to the fragrance's level of concentration. The concentration levels might vary from 40% to 1% with the number of hours the fragrance will last. The perfume with a concentration level of 15% or 40% will naturally last longer than one with a lower level. With a good cologne, you can expect impressive longevity of up to 6 to 8 hours. The regular colognes for men generally have 2% to 4% of concentration with 2 hours of longevity. So, browse our fine range and get your hands on the most suited cologne, depending on your budget and requirements.

Different Types of Colognes

Bash is home to a wide range of colognes with different scented notes for you to choose from. Whatever your preference may be in fragrances, you are sure to find an irresistible cologne here:

  • Floral: The majority of floral fragrances are catered to women. But to control the notes of men's cologne, manufacturers include some floral overtones. Typically, floral fragrances belong to two families — single floral and floral bouquets. However, manufacturers have gotten away from the single floral fragrance as men do not want to smell like a rose and would rather have a mild blend of different flowery notes that are pleasant.
  • Oriental: Men's fragrances are pretty heavy and were considered precious spices from the mysterious east in antiquity. The heavier ones are suitable for winter or fall, like woody musky or spicy colognes. Similarly, for women, oriental colognes for men offer warm, sensual notes such as amber, vanilla, musk, and spices. The oriental cologne can be light or intense as the spirit moves you.

Bash the Hub of Quality Colognes For Men

Upgrade your collection of fragrances with long-lasting colognes for men from the best brands. Spritz on your favourite notes and smell exquisite all day long as we offer the finest floral and oriental colognes for men to choose from. To add a cherry on the top, Bash offers free shipping, free click and collect, and free returns. Get your hands on the best colognes and get going for the day."

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