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Shop online for high-quality blankets and throws at Bash, in a wide selection of cosy and stylish options that will add warmth and comfort to your home.

Buy Blanket & Throws Online

Experience sound sleep with Bash's line-up of the softest and most premium quality blankets and throws from the best bed and bedding brands. Our assortment offers a variety of blankets to go with the cushy pillows that will bless you with blissful slumber every time. From lightweight throws to fleece blankets, our assemblage has it all. If electric blankets are what you've been searching for, we have them too. Let Bash keep you warm…or cool…whatever you need. Add these must-have bedding accessories from our collection for peaceful sleep.

Difference between Throws and Blankets

Although throws and blankets look similar, they are two different bedding accessories. Let Bash help you understand the differences between throws and blankets:

  • Size Blankets and throws can be identified by their sizes. Blankets are a part of the bedding set, so they are longer in size. However, a throw is small in length and width. Some throws can be as small as 50 inches, which is half the size of blankets.

  • Functionality The usage of blankets and throws is quite different. While blankets are used as a covering sheet during sleep time, throws are primarily considered décor pieces that add character as well as keep you warm while lounging on the sofa. Thus, blankets are often simple, while throws come in different patterns with accents like tassels.

  • Their Make Home blankets are made from one large cloth; whereas throws are not always made from a single cloth. Sometimes throws can be hand-knitted with different fabrics to get a visually appealing design to be a good fit for decorations.

Ways to Use Throw Blankets

Now that you are clear on the usage of throws and blankets, you need to know how throws add color and coziness to your home. Read on to know about a few ways how throws can be used.

  • You do not have to buy a new couch to give your living room a fresh look. Adding a throw can give your space a refreshing, sophisticated appeal. You can either fold the throw and place it on the armrest of your sofa or couch or let it be in a chaotic free form for aesthetic purposes.

  • Throws can be a perfect blanket for your kids. It is great to use them either as decorative bed throws or as a kid's blanket. Velvet throws act as cool blankets that your kids will love.

  • Throws are the best picnic blankets. They are small, light, easy to carry and keep you warm.

Shop for Exquisite Blankets and Throws at Bash

Blankets and throws provide warmth and comfort and act as important décor pieces. Considering the need and importance of everyone's sleep, Bash has a fine range of blankets for sale. Check out our line-up of designs and blanket prices to choose your favorites. Shop for your next cozy blanket at Bash and enjoy free shipping across South Africa.

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