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Eau De Toilette

Eau de toilette promotes freshness in both appearance and scent. This fragrant skin refresher can be your much-awaited respite on hot days. Bash offers some of the most exquisite selections of fragrances from around the world, giving you a wide variety of aromas to pick from. Browse different types of scents, primary ingredients, and intensities, and select your signature scent. Check out the best eau de toilette options here online at Bash.

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Most scents are made up of three main sorts of notes: top, middle, and bottom. These three portions of eau de toilette each contain distinct notes or fragrances that are blended to create the overall aroma. Learn more about them below.

Top Note

The top note is the fragrance's first, milder scent that is detected by the nose as soon as it is applied to the skin. The duration of the high note ranges from two to 15 hours. Mild floral smells, citrus, fruity scents, powdery scents, marine and aquatic scents, and spices like cinnamon are typical top notes.

Middle Note

These are also popularly known as moderate notes or heart notes. The primary aroma is highlighted in the middle note. After the top note has cleared, middle tones emerge and can persist for three to five hours. The top note and this one go together; they build upon one another. Heavier floral aromas like jasmine or green aromas like grass or stone are frequently found in heart notes. Here, fruity scents can also be detected together with spice scents like cinnamon and clove in men’s fragrances.

Bottom Note

These scents are typically the bolder notes of the fragrance that develop last and become more pronounced later in the day. The foundational notes, or base notes, are what give a fragrance its longevity on your skin. They often last five to ten hours. Sandalwood, moss, vetiver, vanilla, tar, leather, smoke, tobacco, and musk are typical base notes.

How To Select The Right Eau De Toilette

It may get confusing to apply eau de toilette correctly. Here are some tips on wearing it right.

When to Wear

Always use perfume right away after taking a shower. The aroma absorbs easier into the skin when it is just slightly moist.

With What to Wear

Apply some hand lotion or a wax-based cream to the places where you were going to spray the colognes to extend the fragrance's longevity. The scent oils are held together by the wax or milky base of the cream.

How to Wear

Simply spray on some perfume for men or women, and give your skin a soft massage around the area. It is advised against rubbing the skin after applying perfume because this can damage the scent molecules.

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You can easily browse the selection and evaluate the various choices of eau de toilette and other fragrances, thanks to our Bash portal. Shop at Bash from more than 400 categories from fashionable clothing items to sunglasses, purses, and other accessories. Get simple product returns or exchanges too. If that was not enough, get hassle-free home delivery and pay right at your doorstep in cash. Buy eau de toilette online at Bash today!

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