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Make Bash your one-stop destination for all spare parts for your appliances. We’ve got spares for fridges, microwaves, air conditioners and irons at the best prices around.

Buy Accessories and Spares Online

If you wish to buy appliance spare parts, we offer the best. At Bash, we have a vast collection of spare parts for home-cleaning and kitchen appliances. Check out the curated collection of spares and accessories from the best-in-industry brands to pick ones that fit your purpose.

Get Authentic Accessories and Spares for Household Appliances

Original appliance spare parts are produced by the manufacturers of the kitchen appliances like coffee machines, air purifiers, etc. Despite being more expensive than third-party spares, branded appliance spares are worth it because they are expected to work similarly to the part being replaced. Explore the entire range of accessories and spares available at our platform:

  • Air Conditioner: From compressors, air filters, remote controls, control boards to capillary tubes and evaporators for room air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, and VRF air conditioners, we have them all. We also house air conditioner accessories like outdoor unit stands and covers to make them last longer.

  • Air Purifier: We are home to the best filters, sensors, and motors to keep these essential devices in good working condition.

  • Steam Iron: Spares like the sole plate assembly with thermostat and thermal fuses can aid any problems with your steam iron.

  • Refrigerator: Find the best shelf bottle, compressors, dry filters, defrost sensors, trays, thermostats, PC boards, and capacitors in case of any unexpected repair. Also, check out accessories to update your fridge’s appearance.

  • Washing Machine: Keep your washing machine running with valve washers, spin timers, feeding and drain valves, motors, water inlet hoses, controller units, coupling plates, and other parts available at Bash.

  • Microwave Oven: Get the best spares, including magnetrons, motors, roller rings, oven cavities, membrane switches, shielders, PC boards, pulleys, and timers to help you continue your great food journey.

Factors to Consider While Buying Accessories and Spares

If you plan to buy accessories and spares, you need to consider some important factors.

  • Before buying any kitchen appliance ensure it is of the highest quality. Do a thorough check on the product’s tech specifications to know what you are buying.

  • Consider how much space the appliances take when looking for home and cleaning appliances. Having an estimated measurement beforehand is always useful to avoid any storage issues.

  • Before you buy appliances like irons, you need to consider the value. It would be best to fix your budget by determining how frequently you would use the appliance.

Get Premium Quality Accessories and Spares at Bash

Bash is the one-stop destination if you are looking for the best-in-industry spares and accessories. Whether you need accessories to enhance your appliance or spares to repair them, we have it all! What’s more, you can get authentic products shipped for free when you shop with us.

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