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Face oils help achieve healthy and radiant skin as they are enriched in nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and other essential fatty acids. Facial oils whip our skin into shape. These are a mixture of plant oils and help in creating healthy skin. At Bash, we have a wide range of best oils for skin to suit all skin types and treat all skin concerns.

How to Use Face Oil Correctly

Bash’s skincare experts are here to tell you how to use face oil correctly so you can embrace beautiful, glowing skin.

  1. Be gentle during application and ensure the oil gets absorbed into your skin.
  2. Use upward motions and pat the oil on your skin for easy absorption.
  3. If you want to enhance hydration, add two to three drops of skin oil to your everyday moisturizer. Almond oil is one of the best options for providing hydration.
  4. Use a face oil only after water-based products like toner are absorbed entirely by your skin.
  5. Perform a patch test to check in case the oils are reactive to your skin. Always apply the oil to a well-cleansed face.
  6. Facial oils can be used as a skin treatment measure by mixing them with a serum. Facial oils like rosehip oil can also be used as a spot treatment.
  7. If you have dehydrated skin, apply a facial oil before bed so that your skin can soak up the oil overnight. Coconut oil will do the best job if applied to your entire face.
  8. If your skin is dull, use facial oil as a primer before applying makeup. Facial oils will also provide a hydrated glow to your skin.
  9. Above all, choose the best face oil based on your skin type and skin requirements.

Important Reason to Use Face Oils

Here are some important reasons why you must use face oils.

  1. Our skin needs to retain water to maintain a natural glow. Facial oils help our skin gain and retain the required moisture, especially after exfoliating and scrubbing.
  2. Facial oil helps deliver key ingredients like collagen to our skin, which is not naturally produced beyond a certain age.
  3. By choosing specific facial oils, you can target the natural deficiencies in your skin.
  4. Facial oils help in reducing wrinkles and shrinking the enlarged pores.
  5. When applied before makeup, it helps create a flawless base and makes the application of foundation very smooth.
  6. Facial oils act as a barrier to our skin’s outer layer.
  7. Facial oils are filled with antioxidant properties that keep the damaging free radicals at bay.
  8. Even for oily skin, face oil works best by acting as an astringent to cleanse and eliminate excess grease as they regulate our skin’s sebum production.

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