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In many cultures, long eyelashes are considered a symbol of beauty. As a result, some women choose false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to lengthen their lashes artificially. Realistic fake eyelashes gained popularity in the 1960s. Modern eye makeup comprises mascara, eyeliner, eye primer, eye shadow, and false lashes to draw attention to the eyes. Bash houses a breath-taking selection of pretty false eyelashes.

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With myriad styles, ranging from long fluttery ones to lightweight, natural individual lashes, there is a pair of false eyelashes for every beauty lover. Choose from an array of colors and enhancement features with Bash’s assemblage of false eyelashes.

Eyelashes Extensions for the Perfect Look

A good pair of fake eyelashes is advocated by beauty influencers and celebrities alike. Accessible in a variety of lengths to make your eye makeup pop, this item is a staple in every makeup bag. Read on for our tips to glam up your look for any occasion with false eyelashes.

  • If you have brown lashes, you should use brown false eyelashes for a seamless finish. Pick black lashes if your lashes are naturally black.
  • C lashes feature a clear, self-adhesive strip for an easy lash application ideal for beginners.
  • Select individual lashes for realistic voluminous lashes. These are smaller pieces of falsies and are used to achieve natural makeup looks.
  • Fluttery artificial eyelashes and soft glam women makeup are great for special occasions. Smudge eyeshadow to get that smoky look for the evening. Define the brows with an eyebrow pencil for a flawless finish.

How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners?

Wearing fake eyelashes takes some time to get used to. However, once you get comfortable with the application process, the dramatic effect it lends to your eyes is unmatched. Lash adhesives aid in the retention of fake eyelashes. Applying false lashes can seem like a challenge. Fortunately, Bash has you covered with our handy tips for the perfect look.

  1. Clean your eyelids and eye area thoroughly before applying eyelashes. No products must be left behind as they can prevent the adhesive from sticking. Use clean eyelash curlers for a subtle lash lift.
  2. Carefully apply adhesive on the band of the lashes and wait for at least forty to fifty seconds to make it extra sticky, allowing it to adhere better to your lash line.
  3. Place the eyelash carefully as close to your natural lash line with the help of forceps and adjust till it is precisely the way you want.
  4. Once you are back home, remove your lashes gently and apply serum to stimulate the growth of lashes.

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