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Home Automation

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Discover the convenience of home automation at Bash. Control various aspects of your home remotely such as lighting or security from your smartphone or tablet.

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Bash brings you an exclusive collection of top-notch home automation systems from trusted brands. Our collection of smart home devices has everything that helps you live a hassle-free life. From ceiling fans with remote controls and robotic vacuum cleaners to synchronized lighting and entertainment, you can get all sorts of cutting-edge home automation devices from Bash.

What is the Aim of Home Automation?

Home automation saves time and energy while you live a stress-free and secure life. Here are some reasons to automate your home:

  • Automatic cooking appliances and washing machines save your physical efforts.

  • Energy-saving smart lightbulbs have motion sensors and turn off when someone leaves the room or turn on when someone enters.

  • It controls and communicates with other appliances in the house. In case of fire or any other incident, you can be alerted via the app. Some automation devices can call you or the authorities in case of robbery when no one is home.

  • For a distraction-free environment to study or work, it can block audio devices and TV in the room.

  • Smart plugs allow you to control electric kettles, table fans, and other electric appliances.

  • Smart cleaning devices can clean your home while you are working in your office so you arrive to a clean home.

  • Smart cooking appliances like ovens and cookers can cook mouth-watering food in no time.

What is the Difference between Home Automation and Smart Home?

Home automation and smart homes have some similarities but there is a huge difference between them. To get a clear understanding of their difference, let’s understand their meaning.

  • A smart home refers to the collection of certain devices or appliances that users can operate and monitor via apps. Remote controller lights, smart refrigerators, and smart locks are popular examples of these devices. The manufacturer of smart home devices will connect your devices with specific apps or voice control devices. But you need to control them manually through apps.

  • On the other hand, home automation is a system that automates your smart home. You can add some settings in advance for specific incidents. Smart home automation helps you avoid doing repetitive tasks. It will save you time and energy.

  • Even some smart home devices come with automation features but a home automation system helps you control all appliances from one central device. Avoid using different apps for controlling multiple devices with home automation.

Shop for Home Automation Devices at Bash

Shop for smart home systems at Bash, home to 100% original brands. Home automation is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its convenience and ease of use. So explore our fantastic collection of home automation devices to upgrade your home. Bash brings you a delightful shopping experience, free shipping, and an easy return policy.

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