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Finding the right ladies’ lingerie is essential, and it doesn’t have to compromise your sensual appeal. Wearing a good quality lingerie set, in the right shape and size not only enhances your outfit but is crucial to making you feel comfortable and confident. You can buy your first (or hundredth) lingerie online at Bash, where a fine mixed bag awaits you.

Types of Ladies' Lingerie

When shopping for lingerie, the first type that comes to mind is women’s bras. Followed very closely by women’s panties, these are key and most women simply can’t do without them. Apart from these basic innerwear and women’s sleepwear, the latest fashion trends offer various types and styles. From regular to plus-size lingerie, Bash offers a fine collection to fit your distinct style and comfort needs.

Lingerie Sets

You will never go wrong investing in a few high-quality lingerie sets that fit right and are comfortable. Include basic colours like black, white, and nude sets to mix and match different looks and outfits.

Pyjama Set

Pyjama sets work like the sleep hormone melatonin, which promotes better sleep thanks to their soft and sumptuous fabrics. Moreover, the cuts and fits ensure you’re comfortable as you unwind for the day.

Lace lingerie

Lace lingerie has always been the epitome of elegance and sensuality. Thanks to its feminine lace details and sensual colour range, it has no rival in the sexy and sensual department.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Lingerie

Lingerie can sometimes be quite unsettling. Wearing uncomfortable lingerie for a long time can result in physical problems like back pain, shoulder pain, or saggy breasts. Lingerie sets must offer complete comfort first. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you buy lingerie online:

  • Fabric: No matter how fancy the lingerie looks, if it’s not made of soft fabric, it can cause rashes and irritation.
  • Fitting: Your lingerie, be it bras, panties, or sleepwear, must not be too tight or loose. Make sure your product can be returned or exchanged after trying because if it doesn’t fit correctly, it’s not for you.
  • Shape: Believe it or not, everyone has a unique shape. Search for lingerie that provides comfort, conforms to your shape, and enhances your appearance.
  • Price: While there is no meaning in buying expensive lingerie that is uncomfortable, going for the cheapest one is not recommended either. Thus, shopping for good quality, affordable ones is always a good investment.

Discover the best of the best women’s lingerie online at Bash

Buying lingerie that caters to your flattering body shape and is comfortable to wear is a life investment, and Bash has just the right options for you. Experience original brands and timely delivery at your doorstep anywhere in Africa. You can also take advantage of our free delivery on orders over R500 and easy returns. What’s more, we are ready to serve you at over 800 stores.

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