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How to Wear Cufflinks Like a True Gentleman

Cufflinks are an excellent choice when you want to impress a business client. Let us see a few ways to wear them like a true gentleman:

  • For a business meeting, the goal is to appear professional but not overbearing. So, keep your cufflinks simple and understated. Consider wearing formal pants.

  • For parties, mixing colors in your cufflinks with gems set in gold or silver is acceptable. Cufflinks are a great way to incorporate a little bit of your personality and style into your attire. Popular choices include chain link, ball return, whalebacks, and bullet.

  • Traditional, uncomplicated cufflinks are recommended at more formal events with suits for men. However, this does not imply that they must be boring. If you choose unusual or unique patterns, make sure they are high-quality materials. It is crucial to maintain a sense of equilibrium.

  • For tie parties, black onyx is a popular cufflink gemstone. Cufflinks and shirt studs are generally included with tuxedos. If you want a different set of cufflinks, make sure they match the studs on your shirt.

How to Wear Cufflinks?

A cufflink secures the sleeves by slipping through the holes on either side of the cuff opening and swinging into a locked or fixed position to keep the sides together.

What are some trendiest cufflinks? Let us see below:

  • Fabric cufflinks can have practically any fastener design, but the ornamental face is a fabric "button." They are designed to be worn in a relaxed manner.

  • A short length of delicate chain joins two heads in chain link cufflinks. With visible design on both sides of the closed buttonholes, this creates a slightly looser fastening than other styles.

  • Cufflinks in the stud or button style do not have a hinge mechanism. Instead, they have a vast head, a straight post, and a smaller head or backing on the inside. The trimmer head is slanted and then worked through the buttonhole before being straightened out to secure it.

  • The most common ones are cufflinks with a flat head, a straight post, and a "whale tail" that flips flat against the post.

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