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Unleash your inner rebel with the iconcic Wayfarer sunglasses at Bash that are for sun protection and a statement piece that defines your style too.

Why pick Wayfarer sunglasses?

These iconic shades made a splash in the 1950s, shaking up eyewear fashion. They broke away from the metal frames that were all the rage, introducing a bold trapezoidal design. It wasn't just a change in style; it was a rebellious statement. Picture a time when fashion was shifting, and there, in the midst of it all, stood the Wayfarer - a symbol of change, a nod to innovation.

What sets Wayfarers apart isn't just their history. They flatter almost any face shape with ease. Whether your face is round as the moon or sharp as a square, Wayfarers sit just right, balancing your features and adding a touch of sophistication. You can pair them with a casual T-shirt and jeans or dress them up with a formal shirt; they're that versatile.

Now, let's talk craftsmanship and comfort. Wayfarers are built to last, like a trusty old pair of boots - dependable, sturdy, and ready for any adventure. And as for comfort? You'll forget you're even wearing them.

And the styles? They're as varied as the ocean. From sleek black frames exuding elegance to vibrant, colourful ones radiating fun, there's a pair for every mood and every whim.

Choosing Wayfarer sunglasses means embracing a timeless yet ever-evolving style legacy. In South Africa, where fashion is as diverse as its people, Wayfarers have carved out a special place. They resonate with the country's lively spirit, fitting right in with the diverse street fashion of Johannesburg and the laid-back beach vibes of Cape Town.

Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The secret to finding sunglasses that suit you is to match them to the shape of your face. Wayfarers are known for their versatility and look great on a variety of face shapes. Here's a personalised guide:

  • Round Faces: The defined lines of Wayfarers bring a sharp contrast to round faces, adding length and definition. Try pairing them with a crisp shirt, denim, and colourful sneakers for a touch of style.

  • Oval Faces: Oval faces are versatile, but Wayfarers add an extra touch of sophistication. Consider wearing them with fitted jeans, a stylish leather jacket, and classic black boots.

  • Square Faces: The softer edges of Wayfarers complement the angularity of square faces. They pair well with Bermuda shorts, a casual t-shirt, and comfortable clogs.

  • Heart-shaped Faces: Wayfarers that taper towards the bottom elegantly balance a broader forehead against a slender chin. They’re a perfect match with a breezy summer dress and elegant ballet flats.

Discover Bash's Wayfarer Sunglasses Collection

At Bash, our Wayfarer Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit every taste and budget. Whether you prefer classic black frames or bold patterns, you'll find plenty of options in our online store. Our collection includes sunglasses with polarised and mirrored lenses, enhancing clarity and reducing glare for a superior viewing experience. Shopping with us is easy and convenient. Detailed descriptions and vibrant images help you make an informed choice, all from the comfort of your home.

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