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Electric Blankets

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Unlike regular bedding accessories that can be tossed away, electric blankets can be pricey. Hence, they are a long-term investment for your house and need to be of superior quality. At Bash, we have electric blankets for sale from coveted local and international brands. These have safe insulation and durable upper material that is ideal for rough use, too. Plus, we offer you interesting deals and discounts on electric blanket prices on our site.

Types and Care Instructions for Electric Blankets

There are various types of electric blankets and mattress protectors on Bash. For the former, we elaborate here.

You can choose between fitted blankets or non-fitted ones. The former can be attached below your mattress or bed sheet and are ideal to slip into. The latter are like regular top sheets that can be folded and stored away. Many double or single electric blankets are made of polyester or fleece with acrylic or synthetic filling. There are cotton options too, but they might be slightly unsafe as compared to the other ones. Ensure that you lay your blanket flat or fold them in large folds so that the wires do not get tangled or damaged. When not in use, unplug and keep them stored in a plastic bag.

Things to Know Before Buying Electric Blankets

When you go online to purchase a king or queen-sized electric blanket on Bash, keep the following things in mind.

Heating Options

Ensure that your blanket comes with two or more remotes to adjust your heat settings near your bed. It should also have a long, removable cord to connect to the electrical sockets. Some blankets offer extra heating near the foot, so you can choose those too.


Always measure your bed and mattress thickness before you opt for a blanket. Typically, electric blankets in double sizes are popular as they can be used on different bed sizes. However, you can go for ultra-king or single sizes too.

Blanket Cleaning

It is a myth that electric blankets cannot be washed. Just like your pillow cases, you can toss them in your machine. However, you need to read the label and instructions before buying so you can take the best care of them.

Shop for Cosy Electric Blankets on Bash

At Bash, you will find a host of leading brands displaying their top and latest products. You can find incredible electric blankets in various sizes and budget options. Plus, you can get complementing accessories like bed sheets, cushions, bed covers, and much more. You can always return or exchange the product if you are not satisfied. Hence, it is time you make your home cosier with electric blankets from Bash!.

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