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The Complete Guide to Kenwood Stand Mixer Machines

Kenwood is known for its highly skilled appliances that make for the most functional kitchen tools. Let us go through Kenwood’s selection of stand mixers so you can choose the ideal appliance to complement your collection.


If you are a novice baker, pick a hand and stand mixer combination. The lower capacity keeps you from worrying about which accessories to use so you can produce bakes of the same quality.

Confident Cook:

The Kenwood stand mixer is perfect for a confident cook who has advanced beyond hand mixers to delve further into the realm of fine cuisine. With various included attachments, your stand mixer can chop, slice, grate, or even blend your ingredients, making it incredibly flexible.


The 1000W powered appliance comes preloaded with fundamental attachments, including the recognizable K-beater, wire whisk, and dough hook. Additionally, the pulsing function gives you control over how long the machine runs.


Professional chefs and ardent bakers will need more potent cooking and baking equipment, which is where Kenwood’s larger stand mixers excel. Choose from cutting-edge devices that can hold volumes ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Guide to Buying a Food Processor

A Kenwood food processor can do everything from chopping, grinding, and slicing to making puree. Although the primary purpose of a food processor is to expedite kitchen duties, the variety of options might make it challenging to select the best one. Let Bash’s experts guide you in choosing one:


Know the primary purpose for purchasing a food processor. Some of the most functional food processors include blender jug attachments, giving you the best of both worlds while saving you money and space. The conventional accessories that come with most food processors—a grating disc, a slicing disc, a chopping blade, and a dough blade—are more than adequate for daily use.


A food processor with normal capacity will be sufficient for most cooking operations. Choose one with a higher capacity if you frequently need to prepare significantly larger quantities.


You get more attachments as you go higher with the price. You can select a food processor if the additional features and price suit you.


Consider the speed options the food processor features. While you generally only need two speeds, you can check if any more options are necessary for your cooking or not.

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