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The History of Delonghi Espresso Machines

Delonghi’s kitchen product range grew in the 1990s, with other product lines also gaining popularity, including Delonghi toasters and espresso machines. Let us look at the journey of the famed Delonghi espresso machine.

Delonghi made its debut in the coffee machine industry in 1993 with a pump model. They introduced the first super-automatic machine, Magnifica, to consumers in 2003. The technological advancement sparked a lot of attention among consumers, and the contract for the distribution of capsule coffee makers was made with Nespresso in 2004.

Delonghi has always offered distinctive advances in coffee makers; the IFD (Instant Froth Dispenser) patent, which was the precursor to automatic cappuccino technology, dating back to 1995. The remarkable growth and significant advancement were in 2007, just four years after the introduction of Magnifica, when Delonghi established itself as the market leader in that sector.

Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Buying Guide

If you want to start making your coffee at home instead of visiting coffee shops, bring home a coffee maker and espresso machine from Delonghi. To help you make a valuable purchase, Bash’s experts have curated a special guide that covers all you need to know before buying your coffee and espresso machine.


An automatic espresso maker that handles almost everything - from start to end - is the best option for anyone looking for the simplest, most practical espresso-making experience. When you turn on the Delonghi automatic espresso/cappuccino machine, it will be heated to the ideal brewing temperature in less than 60 seconds.


Delonghi’s Manual espresso machines are affordable and give control over the experience, from grinding your coffee beans and tamping the coffee grinds to heating the milk. You can make excellent, authentic espresso beverages just the way you like them without a hassle. Clean-up is made even simpler after your espresso or latte is ready, thanks to detachable drip trays, water tanks, and other machine parts.

All in One

While you may enjoy your daily cup of coffee, there are occasions when you will prefer a more sophisticated espresso drink or want to offer your guests something unique. An all-in-one Delonghi coffee maker enables you to make a variety of beverages with a single little machine that is simple to integrate with your other kitchen countertop equipment. With a Delonghi all-in-one or combination machine, you can produce the ideal espresso, cappuccino, or latte in addition to your drip coffee.

Revamp Your Kitchen with Delonghi at Bash

Bash is the ideal destination to get your hands on some fantastic home appliances that will make your kitchen and cooking so comforting. We bring you 100% original products from renowned brands like Delonghi, so your coffee preparation at home becomes a breeze. Browse our options, and we will ship your product for free at your doorsteps. Or pick it up from 900+ outlets.

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