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Types of Diffusers Available on Bash

There are several kinds of diffusers available in the market today. Listed below are just some of the options we have on Bash.

Nebulising Diffusers

These are portable electric diffusers that use pressurized air to diffuse a soothing and pleasant aroma mist. They don't require water or heat to operate and are affordable and low-maintenance compared to other diffusers.

Humidifying Diffusers

As the name suggests, these diffusers use water to dilute essential oils. They produce ultrasonic vibrations that result in a fine mist. This is how the aroma spreads in the air. Humidifying diffusers are easy to use and maintain. Also, you can shop for Aura diffuser oil on Bash to use with your diffusers.

Evaporative Diffusers

Yet another way to diffuse essential oils, evaporative diffusers have a small fan that helps the oils transform into mist. It is then released into the air. Such Aura electric diffusers are quite convenient to use and easy to maintain.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Essential Oil Diffuser

If you have never shopped for diffusers online before, we have got your back! Go through this list of factors that you need to consider before shopping for essential oil diffusers.

Start with a Budget and Price Limit

Setting a budget is always a good practice for shopping, especially when you're doing it online. So even when buying something as simple as a diffuser, you must define a price limit right at the beginning.

Choose the Right Type

There are many types of diffusers available in the market. So first, do as much research as you can to find out and understand each one to then narrow down to the types that meet your needs.

Read About the Noise Levels

If you are opting for an electric diffuser, ensure that you read about its noise levels. You wouldn't want a diffuser placed in your house that is too loud as it could become a distraction. Choose one like the Aura celestial diffuser for the best experience.

Shop for Aura Diffusers Online On Bash

Bash offers the latest collection of Aura diffusers that promise high-end quality and durability. All Aura products are aesthetically appealing and are available at an affordable price on Bash. To get a few for yourself, all you need to do is scroll through the many options we offer and place your order with just a few clicks. Then, just sit back and relax as we deliver your package to your doorstep within a few days, or choose the Click & Collect option to have your purchase delivered to your nearest TFG store.

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