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Essence Brand History

Essence began as an entrepreneurial startup in 2002 in Germany with a mission to bring a difference to the cosmetic world. Within five years, it became the first choice in all of Germany and expanded internationally. It continues to be a fun consumer-friendly brand. Additionally, all Essence products are cruelty-free, making them ideal for everyone.

Best Products of Essence Cosmetics

Season after season, some products continue to give the best results for most people. Check out Bash’s curated list of the most desired Essence products below.

  1. Lash Princess False Lash Mascara: This Essence mascara aims to provide you with the perfect look using your natural lashes. It lasts all day, giving you dramatic volume without having to use fake lashes. You can elevate your makeup game with Essence eyeliners in different colors and textures.

  2. Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation: Formulated using natural ingredients like aloe vera, this foundation gives you a natural weightless look that lasts up to 24 hours. Find these in unique shades that match almost all skin tones.

  3. I Like to Mauve It! Eyeshadow Palette: With this palette, you get six different shades to mix and match from. From matte to shimmery textures, you will have the perfect mauve combination for any occasion.

Must-Have Products from Essence Cosmetics

Besides bestsellers, you need to have a few staples in your makeup collection too. MyTGFWorld recommends the following classic products for you from Essence:

  1. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter: It gives the skin a very soft, dewy look without any extra glitter. Use it for a party or daily wear; it goes with both.

  2. Lip Care Booster Lip Serum: Everyone wants healthy and soft lips. This lip serum has natural ingredients like peach oil that give your lips the nourishment they need. Top this off with a tinted Essence lip gloss, and you’re ready for the day.

  3. Hello, Good Stuff! Hydrate & Plump Face Serum: This Essence skincare product is packed with 95% natural ingredients. You can add this serum to your daytime or nighttime skincare routine for a healthy glow on your face.

Shop for a Range of Essence Cosmetics at Bash

From makeup to skincare – Essence has got it all. Give yourself extra pampering with quality makeup products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Shop at Bash and get the best of Essence nail polish, lipsticks, serums, and more at your doorstep. Plus, all this with secure online payment and discounts. Get the best of Essence online at Bash, right now.

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