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Men’s Ties

Whether your style is experimental or minimalist, you need to have a collection of ties for men in your closet. From the office to weddings, these accessories form a vital part of formal and semi-formal outfits. Tying a perfect bow or neck tie for important occasions is a culture started by the French when they realized the potential of this large string-like piece of fabric. Neck ties now rule the red carpet and no outfit is truly complete without them.

Buy Men’s Ties Online

While an essential accessory, neck or bow ties for men can be rather tricky to get in good fabric, prints, and colors. At Bash, you can find the perfect ties boasting the best quality. We have a collection of ties for sale in wool, synthetic, and other durable materials. Plus, you can find the latest prints and a unique palette of shades of neck or bow ties with us.

Style Your Outfit with Men’s Ties

Picking the right kind of tie and men’s pocket squares for your outfit is crucial, as it can look shabby when it’s not worn properly. Here are a few tips for styling ties.

  • For a wedding, dress in your party suit with a solid color men’s shirt and a slim ascot tie. Opt for contrast colors and avoid large prints. Add smart high-top sneakers to have an experimental look.
  • Look your best for a semi-formal evening dinner by donning a linen men’s blazer in pastel colors with matching pants and a printed shirt. Wear a cool bow tie and give your pocket square a miss. Wear slip-on formal shoes below men’s trousers to look perfect.
  • Gear up to relive the old-world charm by adding a printed cravat to your daily suit. Wear a vintage timepiece and lace-up shoes with this.

Types of Men’s Ties

You can choose between unique types of ties that match your outfit and suit the occasion. Here are a few options you can pick from.

  1. Neck Tie: This is the most common type of tie available for men. Also known as an ascot, these have a long string-like fabric with V-shaped ends. They are narrow from one side and get broad progressively. You can find them in silk, polyester, and other quality materials. You can even opt for a leather tie in this style.

  2. Bow Tie: Perfect for a black-tie event, this one can be tied in a bow. It has a bow shape at the ends with a thin strap connecting the two. While solid colors remain a popular choice, you also find these in quirky prints, stripes, and checks.

  3. Cravat: This is a scarf-like tie with angular ends and a short, thick strap in the middle. Used for vintage outfits, these come in silk, satin, and blended fabrics with paisley and floral motifs, self-design, and solid colors.

Bash is the right place to find a curated collection of men’s ties from international brands. We are known for our quality and service, as we offer quick delivery, strict checks, easy return, and a liberal exchange policy. So dress to your nines with amazing men’s ties from Bash.

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