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Explore Bash’s wide range of bathroom accessories that fit your style and aesthetic. We bring you products handcrafted with premium quality materials from top-notch brands. Our collection of shower mats offers different colours, patterns, and designs to match your bathroom theme.

Embellish the Floor with Exquisite Bath Mats

A bathroom mat with an alluring design can work wonders for your space. Match your persona with the amazing collection of mats available at Bash.

Large Bath Mats

A large bath mat will not budge no matter how much you walk over it. With some extra puff, you can get comfort and the look of a huge living room rug miniaturised for your bath space.

Patterned Mats

You can play with different patterns and colours matching your bathroom’s tone. Patterned bath mats also give an eclectic themed appearance with vibrant hues complimenting the wall cabinets.

Bath Mat Sets

Matching bath rugs with shower curtains and other essentials creates a luxurious aesthetic. Bath mat sets envelop a wide range of colours and design perfectly with your bathroom.

Word Bath Mats

Funny and cute wordings on your bathroom carpets can create an interesting and unique appeal to your bathroom. They can cheer up your mood after a good shower.

How to Choose a Bathroom Mat?

A wet bathroom floor is an open door for health hazards and mishaps. Here are some points to note while choosing bath mats.


When selecting bath mats, their functionality is the key point. You must choose a bath mat that lowers your likelihood of falling or slipping in the bathroom. The most common type is cotton mats, then synthetic, natural fibres.


A standard bath mat is approximately 20in30in. The small mats measuring 17in24in are suitable for outside showers and pedestal sinks and mirrors. The large ones measuring 21in*34in are best before the bathtubs.


Bath rugs allow you to play with colours in your bathroom. However, ensure you choose the colours that complement your bathroom’s vibe. Opt for beige, brown, or green shades for a calm and warm feel. For a lavish minimalistic appeal, go for white or royal tones.


Mats are prone to dirt and dust, so they must be washed now and then. Choose bathroom mats that are easy to wash and clean.

Shop for Quality Bath Mats at Bash

Explore the best bathroom mats collection featuring genuine quality products at Bash. We provide you with a range of bathroom textiles that suit your requirements. Our online store provides free delivery and free returns ordered anywhere in Africa. Alternatively, choose click and collect from 900+ stores.

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