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Brand History

Falke is a 125-year-old, family-owned company known for its socks. The brand has been in operation since 1895 in the small German town of Schmallenberg, where the majority of its production is based. The Falke mindset includes multilingual world travellers, independent thinkers, intrepid explorers, fervent perfectionists, sensitive, creative individuals, and unrepentant aesthetes. Their instincts are clearly expressed in their imagery, interior design, and attire.

Falke’s designers continuously strive to keep up with the brand’s motto of providing the ideal design and the highest handcrafted quality. Partners who share their philosophy anticipate that their sense of aesthetics will be flawlessly reflected in contemporary attire. Their designs for legwear, exquisite tights, jumpers, and more help bring about a sense of style to life with coordinating materials and hues.

TK2 Trekking Socks at Falke

Falke’s TK2 hiking socks provide excellent comfort and good thermal insulation for trekking, thanks to their medium cushioning and merino wool blend. These socks ensure perfect temperature regulation and exceptional comfort through quick moisture wicking and the optimised form. Here are some of the features of Falke’s TK2 Trekking socks:

  • They offer uncompromised comfort for easy-going journeys in all weather.
  • These socks use a merino wool blend for effective thermal insulating.
  • The medium cushioning provided by TK2 Trekking socks is the best for well-adjusted protection and adequate shoe contact.
  • The three-layered structure allows for perfect temperature and moisture transmission.
  • They feature a toe box and right and left cushioning for an optimal fit.

All about TK5 Trekking Socks

The TK5 hiking socks provide excellent shoe contact and thermal shielding whether you’re heading out to explore the city journeys or lounging about. These promise remarkable temperature regulation and exceptional comfort with quick moisture absorption and the optimised form. Some of the features of these renowned socks are:

  • For excursions to the city and short hikes, the light padding of the TK5 Trekking socks ensures adequate comfort.
  • The merino wool blend offers effective thermal insulating.
  • The three-layered structure allows for ideal temperature and moisture transmission.
  • The toe box and right and left padding offer optimal fit.

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Falke clothing has been the top option for people who don’t view luxury as excess but rather the freedom to treat themselves to the best. With Bash’s curated collections of Falke, online shopping is a seamless experience. Scroll through our range of Falke’s socks, legwear, and bottoms to make the most of comfort and contemporary style. Shop with us and take advantage of free shipping and easy returns.

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