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History of Crocs

While there are many shoes that are recognisable, not one is as strikingly identifiable as the Crocs shoes. Here are some fun and fast facts that will guide you through the history of how Crocs became the pop culture icon that it is today:

  • Crocs were originally designed to be worn as boating shoes by boaters. Inspired by the Dutch clog, the waterproof nature, gripping soles, and foot protection were meant to be worn during adventures on the high seas.
  • Yes, Crocs have an association with crocodiles. Since Crocs was designed to perform on both sea and land, the brand took inspiration for its name from the crocodile as it is known to be an amphibian.
  • Whether you wear kids’ size Crocs or a size 15, all Crocs will have 13 holes in them. Although these holes serve cool aesthetics, they were originally meant to provide ventilation and help reduce excess moisture.
  • Crocs acquired Jibbitz in 2006 when they noticed that the family-owned company sells personalised charms for Crocs. After a beautiful 15-year relationship, Jibbitz’s charms are still a huge part of the Crocs empire.

Style Tips

With so many Crocs for men, women, and kids, everyone can find a pair that exudes their personality. Here’s how you can style your Crocs for women, men, and kids:

  • If this is your first time in the wonderland of Crocs, opt for a pair of basic black Crocs since they go well with just about any outfit. Be it a cute sundress for a picnic at the park or a classic pair of denim for a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood, crocs are great with most outfits.
  • With a palette of colours so wide, you are free to try an adventurously bright colour or play it safe in a neutral one. If you are feeling bold, opt for a pair of red Crocs. For a look that stands out, pair them with your favourite street-style ensemble to look uber cool during your coffee runs.
  • If you want Crocs that serve as a base for your Jibbitz, opt for white Crocs. With so many Jibbitz to choose from to highlight your current mood, you can switch it up almost every day and let your Crocs be the highlight of your personality.

Are Crocs comfortable?

Crocs are super popular amongst people of all ages due to the comfort they provide. With proper air ventilation and their water-resistant nature, Crocs can be worn in every season. Moreover, their flexible and bendable material offers uncompromised ease of movement, allowing you to wear them for as long as needed.

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