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Bash houses an impressive collection of cable wire. Explore the latest and advanced cables ranging from coax cables to HDMI cables that offer a smooth transmission without any interruption. Whether you are working at the office or watching from media players and DStv, get delay-free signals from Bash cables.

What are the different types of cables?

Cables are accessible in myriad types and here are some of the popular types of cables:

  • Coax cables: Coax cables, also known as coaxial cables, feature a shielded core conductor enclosed within a second conductor. These cables are mostly used for computer networking and audio-video networking.
  • Twisted pair cable: This is a type of communication cable made from two insulated wires twisted together to form a twisted pair. Twisted pair cables are used in ethernet cables. They are also used in Wi-Fi devices and routers.
  • Fibre optic cables: An optical fibre or fibre optic cable is the most common and versatile cable. They are made of flexible transparent glass fibre, which enables them to transfer data in the form of light at high speeds.
  • Direct buried cables: Direct buried cables are specially designed to be buried underground without the need for extra sheathing or insulation. It has multiple layers of protection like plastic insulation, a waterproof layer, and shock-absorbing gel. They are used for communication and power transmission.

What is the difference between wires and cables?

Wires and electric cables are frequently referred to as the same but are quite different. Here are a couple key differences between wires and cables:

  • A cable is a group of conductors containing hot wires carrying current and signals from one device to another. A cable is generally classified by the total number of wires it consists of and the third gauge. Primarily used for power and signal transmission, cables are heavy-duty, insulated, and durable.
  • A wire is a signal conductor that is usually measured by its diameter. The diameter of the wire will be measured by gauge number. The larger the gauge, the thinner the wire. Wires are used to carry electricity and transmit communication signals for automotive or industrial manufacturing, including bulbs. A standard wire usually shows higher resistance to metal and is perfect for higher frequencies. Wires offer low resistance and low cost.

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