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The range of Saucony shoes on Bash

The Saucony shoe collection featured on Bash includes good-quality sneakers for both amateur and advanced runners. Our fabulous range is a bundle of efficiency, style, and comfort.

  • Saucony Guide

    • The Saucony Guide shoes are crafted with the latest HOLLOW-TECH design that offers great comfort and efficiency for your runs. Saucony Guide shoes are available in a variety of colours and size options for you to choose from in our online collection.
  • Saucony Peregrine

    • The Saucony Peregrine shoes have a PWRRUN sock liner and ROCK SHIELD midsole, becoming the best choice for high-impact runs suited to advanced runners. Pick your pair from the diverse colour and size range of Bash's latest collection.
  • Saucony Triumph

    • The Saucony Triumph shoes are crafted with the lightweight PWRRUN+ sole that helps you navigate long terrains and difficult paths with ease. These are available in multiple colour and size options for you to choose from.

The design and fit

Saucony shoes are well known for their high-end performance and quality. Crafted with the finest materials, the Guide shoes have the trendiest design and the most comfortable fit, among others. Read along to know more about this range:

  • These are crafted with the latest PWRRUN sole that offers more cushion and helps in lowering the impact during the run on your bones and joints.
  • These shoes are made with the new HOLLOW-TECH design that removes the unnecessary bulk from the shoe, making them super lightweight. This feature is helpful for runners to help them run faster and longer without getting tired.
  • These shoes are made of mesh material that forms a breathable ambiance for your feet to help provide ventilation during the run.
  • They have an XT-900 Rubber mid-outsole that makes running super effortless and enjoyable.

Shop Saucony at Bash

Discover a diverse range of Saucony sneakers and clothes at Bash. Our Saucony online range ensures all the efficiency and comfort needed for your run. We take pride in being home to 100% authentic clothing and accessories brands across South Africa. Shop at Bash today for a smooth shopping experience with the benefits of free home delivery and easy returns. Or you can select the click &Collect option from 800+ stores.

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