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The History of Lenthéric

Lenthéric is a historic millinery founded in 1795 by Guillaume Lenthéric, a hairdresser. Since 1873, perfumes were informally blended in the store for sale as he made fragrances only on customer request. In 1875, he founded the perfume-cosmetics company La Parfumerie des Orchidees. The brand added fashion accessories to the store in the nineteenth century.

In 1885, a large building on Paris's 245 rue du Faubourg-Saint Honore was purchased and converted into a salon for millinery, perfumes, cosmetics, and important beauty hairdressing.

Tweed Lenthéric Perfumes for Women

Lenthéric's Tweed is a floral woody musk scent for women made available in 1933 and is still counted among the most luxurious fragrances. Let us learn more about this mesmeric scent:

  • Top Notes: Orange, bergamot, neroli, and violet
  • Middle Notes: Rose, carnation, orange blossom, jasmine, and lavender
  • Base Notes: Oakmoss, vetiver, benzoin, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla

Tweed is a dark, alluring earthy-woody scent with seductive woody floral notes. The flower notes add a seductively feminine touch that is hard to miss. Over the years, Tweed has become an English icon in perfumery thanks to its distinctive resinous quality. Despite its tremendous complexity and mystery, Tweed is neither overbearing nor strong. The oriental base is alluring; it does not have a sweet or a soft undertone but rather a sense of a perfect harmony of natural essences.

Lenthéric Perfumes and Colognes for Men and Women

Lenthéric perfumes and colognes for men and women offer a delightful fragrance that you must wear if smelling exquisite is your goal. Take your pick from Bash, your favourite Lenthéric online store:

  • I Love Musk Body Spray: Offering a sparkling fruity, floral, and musky twist, I Love Musk is a vivacious violet scent that effortlessly works from day to night.
  • I Love Flowers Body Spray: With its floral and fruity scent, I Love Flowers smells like a lovely spring flower bouquet. This delightful, magical blend of fruity and floral notes will keep any occasion blooming.
  • Lenthéric Masculin Intense: A popular choice among men, Lenthéric Masculin Intense, is a spicy, woody fragrance with hints of cedarwood and musk.
  • Masculin Force Eau de Toilette: The citrus marine fragrance, Masculin Force Eau de Toilette, is both fresh and modern, with surprising oceanic nuances.
  • Hoity Toity Lola Jolie Body Spray: Lola Jolie is a fruity oriental fragrance. It starts with mouth-watering gourmand top notes that evolve into a beautiful, feminine, and seductive floral heart. The sensual base notes blend into a delectable dry down.
  • Solo Ice Parfum Vapo: An energising citrus marine fragrance, Solo Ice Parfum Vapo, will awaken all of your senses and keep you going all day.

Buy Lenthéric Perfumes Online at Bash

The best Lenthéric fragrances and perfumes for men and women can now be found at Bash. Indulge in the greatest luxury Lenthéric body sprays and colognes for all-day and night freshness. Enjoy free shipping and other benefits when you buy your favourite Lenthéric colognes and scents from Bash.

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