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Rimmel: A Legacy of 200 Years

Rimmel was initially a perfume shop. It all began in 1820 when a well-known French perfumer was asked to create fragrances for the elite in London. A decade later, Hyacinthe Mars Rimmel and his son Eugene created The House of Rimmel. Today, it is the best-selling brand in the UK and is available in 40 different nations. You can explore a range of authentic Rimmel products at Bash.

Types of Rimmel Lipsticks

Rimmel has different classes of lipsticks that help you tailor your look to perfection. Check them out below.

  1. Matte

    • The bold matte variety of Rimmel lipsticks features high-intensity hues, offering bold looks for any event or party that you are invited to. The Rimmel Stay matte liquid lipstick line lives up to its name and stays waterproof and touch-proof for up to 12 hours.
  2. Creme

    • The creme category of Rimmel lipsticks is offered in luxurious cases that you will love. These lipsticks are created with a highly pigmented formula that is creamy and smooth and makes the lips pop. It is perfect for date nights and party wear.
  3. Glossy

    • Fans of glossy lips may find the Rimmel collection of glossy lips to be an intriguing option that they are sure to love. The Rimmel lipstick gloss variant produces a rich colour and a soft sheen.
  4. Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick

    • In collaboration with Kate Moss, Rimmel London has unveiled a special line of lipsticks. A red pigment compound in the ground-breaking Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick provides a smooth feel and rich colour.

Tips to Wear Your Rimmel Lipstick Right

Without a doubt, Rimmel London lipsticks look stunning daily. Here are a few suggestions to elevate your look and give you perfect lips.

  1. Exfoliate

    • You should think about exfoliating your lips to keep them supple and remove dead skin. After exfoliating, use any Rimmel lipstick to prevent colour buildup in lip cracks.
  2. Moisturise

    • Before using your preferred Rimmel lipstick, you might want to moisturise your lips with a lip balm. This helps the lipstick to stay on longer and cover your lips evenly.
  3. Apply Foundation

    • If you want to stop your lip colour from bleeding as you are applying it, here is a cool tip. Dab some foundation on your lips after you have finished applying your makeup. It will help you achieve a long-lasting look. Check from a variety of Rimmel foundation shades to find one that blends in well.

Shop Rimmel products at Bash

Trust Rimmel makeup to perfect your look by helping you achieve exactly what you want. Browse and shop the latest looks and trends at Bash. We offer returns and exchanges on many products and even have a safe payment gateway for online transactions. Wait no more, shop Rimmel online at Bash today.

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