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Lacoste Offerings at Bash

Lacoste is known for its extensive range of apparel, accessories, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, towels, fragrances, and timepieces. Discover the curated collection available at Bash:


Explore Lacoste's diverse shoe collection for men, women, and children, featuring versatile sneakers, slides, trainers, and loafers in various colors and materials like leather, suede, and canvas.

Polo T-Shirts

Lacoste's signature polo T-shirts are renowned for their classic style, logo placement, and versatility. Choose from classic, regular, or slim fits in solid colors, color-blocked, striped, or polka-dot designs.


Discover contemporary Lacoste watches at Bash, available in various styles with metal bands or sporty silicone straps, diverse dial colors and shapes, strap materials, and water-resistant options.


Express your personality with Lacoste perfumes for men and women. From Eau de Toilettes to body sprays, explore scents like Lacoste Touch of Pink, Lacoste Homme, Lacoste Yellow, and Lacoste Femme, perfect for different occasions and moods.

Make a Statement with Lacoste Clothing

Get inspired with our style edit for Lacoste outfits:

  • For a laid-back, athleisure look, pair Lacoste sweatpants and a polo shirt with stylish sneakers, a hat, and a crossover bag.
  • Opt for timeless Lacoste trousers with a slim-fit T-shirt, topped off with a bomber jacket and minimal accessories.
  • Create a contemporary black-and-white outfit with a black polo dress, white sneakers, and black accessories from Lacoste.

Shop Lacoste Online at Bash

Discover classic Lacoste apparel, accessories, timepieces, and more at Bash's online store. Enjoy special offers on high-quality products and have your favorites delivered to your doorstep in no time. Shop now for an unforgettable experience!

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